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Published at 14th of September 2020 11:15:11 PM
Chapter 1880

Without even needing to think about it, the assistant could tell who these people were referring to the moment she heard part of their conversation .

With a snort, she coldly retorted, “What’s the issue here? Are you guys jealous of Shishi?”

The gossiping people turned their heads over at once . When they realized that it was Mu Xi speaking, they snorted at her before someone spoke . “What do you want and how is it your business? You’re just shedding crocodile tears . ”

“The artist you’re deriding is under my care . How is it not my business when you lot talk sh*t behind her back?”


“Forget it! Let’s ignore the pair of them, Sis Meng! They’re just riled up from embarrassment after our words hit home!”

The assistant rolled her eyes as she walked over and forcefully put down the cup of hot tea on the table in a furious move, startling the rest with the banging sound .

“What are you doing?!”

“Green with envy, aren’t you? You’re just plain jealous that a rookie artist could clinch the main-lead role upon her debut, prove her abilities through her acting, and hit the hundred-million mark in box-office sales on her first major movie appearance! I should be asking you this: Who are you irking with your speech inflection? Aren’t you just bullying my good-natured charge because you think her a pushover? He he! Let me tell you guys; it’s all based on abilities that Shishi could star in Director Lin’s movie! Dreaming of becoming a cast in his movies and becoming a ‘Phoenix Lady’? Can you hustlers even cross the threshold? Come on; don’t disgrace yourselves here with that limited outlook of yours!”

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The stars’ faces were instantly lost with that one caustic remark .

“What’re you doing? You must be sick in the head! Fancy you getting all fired up like a cannon! Are you seeking trouble with us?”

“Who wants to find trouble with some has-been actresses?” she countered, sneering . “I pity the lot of you, though . Take a look at each of your faces now; you’re all wearing the same jealous expression! Trust you to accuse my artist of wearing a pure and chaste façade with your mugs! Your hyaluronic-acid-filled faces are just like the fruits of the same production line—of having undergone cosmetic surgery in South Korea . Could you really act as well as my artist if you were given the chance? Drop the thought that you can become famous by finding yourselves a sugar daddy, getting a reconstruction surgery, and spreading your legs! Acting calls for true potential!”

Mu Xi’s savageness was practically on par with Qin Zhou .

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Her critical and vicious words made the others’ faces turn red in embarrassment .

Among them, a celebrity of high seniority suddenly sprang up from her seat and arrogantly walked toward her . The way the former was staring at the latter with her exquisitely painted, doll-like face suggested that she wanted to tear the latter apart .

“Whoa! Even a low-ranking assistant can speak so arrogantly now! Who do you think you are, huh? The gall of you to criticize us! Are you looking for a beating?”

The threat was written all over her face .

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The assistant was not cowed, though; instead, she frigidly replied, “I may only be a low-ranking employee, but given today’s society, everyone is equal! What? Just because you’re an actress, you think you’re a cut above the rest? Where did you get that absurd idea? Does being a celebrity give you a sense of superiority? Do you think of yourself as a rich madam? Rumors have it that you used to be a bar hostess and that you managed to worm your way into showbiz because of your sugar daddy’s support! If you’re just gonna have average popularity despite having already changed to a few sugar daddies, it’s better for you to stop working in this industry!”


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