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Published at 14th of September 2020 12:00:09 AM
Chapter 1879: 1879
Chapter 1879: Attracting Jealousy

That made Yun Shishi burst out laughing despite her tears . “I didn’t notice it while I was acting, but now that I’m watching the post-edited show, that sorrowful emotion just burst forth from within me without even needing to try . ”

“Others tend to find it embarrassing and will crack up when watching the shows that they’re in, yet you actually cried while watching yours!”

The topic then changed as Mu Xi paid sincere yet generous compliments to her charge . “Your acting there is superb, though! Do you remember how, before your movie’s launching, people were questioning, insulting, and looking down on you? You’ve proven them wrong now with your marvelous acting! Your portrayal of Yin Xiachun is splendidly vivid and thorough!”

“Stop flattering me . ”

“How is that flattery? I’m only speaking the truth!”

A mirthful laughter escaped her throat before she returned her attention to the road .

Finally, the artist arrived at the TV station . She was almost late due to getting stuck in traffic for so long, which made the assistant broke in a cold sweat, for this particular program recording was very important to the former .

After all, with it being this TV station’s top-rated variety show, it was star-studded with all sorts of big-name celebrities . Her artist’s late arrival to the filming would inevitably irk the other invited celebs, which would only spur gossip about the artist throwing her weight around .

Gu Xingze was supposed to guest in the show as well, but due to reasons that could not be announced in public, the superstar could only be absent . Therefore, the production team could only rope in someone else at the last minute as a replacement . That guest was no stranger to the female artist: Li Jiuxian .

The sight of him, however, reminded the actress of the gossip her assistant had told her the day prior .

She could not help thinking that he had cheapened himself by willingly offering his body to the producer of ‘Lethal Beauty’ in exchange for the main-lead role .

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To think that she thought well of him before given his decent acting skills, as well as his gentle and cultivated disposition, on top of his outstanding looks .

Never had she expected him to be a debauchee in private .

She could hardly believe it .

All that gossip she had heard from her assistant about threesomes and other sick, twisted games was really eye-opening to her .

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As such, her freshly low impression of showbiz being a dirty and obscene place had the actress keeping her distance from the other celebs .

When her assistant left the makeup room, the actress heard several senior artists gossiping .

“Sis Meng, the newbies of these days seem to be very cocky! Look; that woman has just debuted and only starred in one movie, yet she’s already acting high and mighty!”

“She’s handpicked by Director Lin, after all . How could she be on par with us when she’s already at a higher level upon her debut compared to us?”

“What about it, huh? Fancy her getting so smug after playing the role of the main lead on her debut piece! It’s obvious that she despises us; these C-listers!”

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“Hah! People who gain overnight success are different, indeed! Nevertheless, who knows how her role came about? Not anyone can be the ‘Phoenix Lady . ’ What’s more, she debuted with such good resources…”

The gossipmongers then deliberately lowered their voices, so she could no longer hear what they were saying .

Nevertheless, it was not hard to imagine the sort of nasty things they were saying about her .

Regardless, she paid no attention to them .

Mu Xi had just brewed her artist a cup of hot tea and entered the makeup room when she heard a singer muttering, “Nowadays, which celebrity doesn’t have a rich backer? I don’t even know for whom they are putting up that pure and chaste façade! Leading the life of a wh*r* but still wanting to maintain a chaste reputation—what the hell does she want to achieve by putting air here?!”

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