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Published at 12th of September 2020 11:45:06 PM
Chapter 1876: 1876
Chapter 1876: So sweet!

He said that he liked her taking the initiative…

When she recalled his mischievous flirting, Yun Shishi became shy and uneasy, and the man captured all of it in his eyes!

He grabbed her lower jaw and hugged her waist, forcing her body against his .

“Do you know? The shyer you are, the more I want to see that deadly attractive look of yours when you are under me!”

The woman was terribly bashful . She grabbed his clothes and reached out, hoping to cover that mouth of his which was constantly spouting embarrassing words!

“Mu Yazhe!”

Why was this man so different from how he usually was when it came to intimacy?!

Normally, he would be dressed neatly in a suit with an air of elegance surrounding him . He gave off a refined and courteous aura like a graceful king, yet when he was immersed in intimacy, he would say words that made her face burn!

“Don’t say anymore!”

“Alright . I’ll stop . Let’s get down to business . ”

He immediately covered her small lips that would not stop talking as his scorching hot breath brushed against her cheek and neck . Finally, he conquered and invaded her lips and had a taste of her sweet and entrancing flavor!

She was forced under him as he began to invade her roughly . She felt like a small boat out at sea, floating up and down in the middle of violent waves .

“So sweet!”

He bit her ear and said that wickedly before grabbing her resisting hands and becoming increasingly violent with his intrusion…

The night was long and enchanting .

Amid the man’s panting, he had finally vented and indulged in everything .

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He conquered her until she could no longer take it . He was only willing to cease and hugged her waist after she had shouted that she did not want it anymore .

During their act of intimacy, there was even a moment when the thought of just giving himself all to her had flashed across his mind!

This girl was like poison . Despite that, he still could not resist quenching his thirst with it .

After a wanton night, Yun Shishi, who was snuggled in his embrace, was exhausted to the point that she found it hard to open her eyes .

Her waist made a sickening sound just by moving a little .

She seemed to have just fought a battle as the lower half of her body felt as if it were falling apart!

What a good-for-nothing!

She really tried her best to train herself but still could not curb this man’s excessive physical strength!

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He supported her waist and looked down at her beautiful and seductive appearance!

If this were ancient times, she would be a kingdom-toppling, wicked concubine . Even the most clear-minded ruler would be unable to control himself in front of such a rare beauty!

With such a rare beauty, where would he have the mind to worry about politics?

When he thought about it this way, he suddenly found himself similar to those rulers who had lost themselves to beauties!

Mu Yazhe smiled playfully and hugged her tightly, eliciting a grunt from the woman .

“What’s the matter?”

“My waist… is a little sore!”

“Why is it sore?”

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Yun Shishi’s anger quickly turned into laughter . “Are you really still asking me why?”

“So disappointing!”

Despite mumbling such a comment, he still gently began massaging her .

As if she was shocked by electricity, she avoided his touch . “Hey! Why… are you being like this?”

“Alright . I’ll stop teasing you . ”

The man smiled before returning to his serious expression . He began to massage her properly .

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