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Published at 12th of September 2020 11:45:09 PM
Chapter 1875

Youyou’s Adam apple bobbed for a bit before he cleared his throat, rubbed his bleary eyes in feigned innocence, and righteously explained, “I’m feeling thirsty, so I want to pour myself some hot tea to drink!”

“Oh! Drinking hot tea is a good habit; keep it up!” replied his father in a composed manner .

Thus, he politely responded with: “Thank you for your graciousness, daddy!”

Yun Shishi: “…”

His father shot him another deep, meaningful gaze . “Quickly go back to bed once you’re done drinking, understand?”

The father-son pair exchanged a look .

During their brief exchange, they were connected at a deep level .

One said through his eyes: ‘Your mommy and I are busy right now . ’

The other sent an eye signal . ‘I know that! I’ll take my leave now, alright?’

On the surface, the boy nodded and flashed his father a knowing smile . “Understood!”

Following which, he plodded straight to the kitchen without letting his gaze roam about, and in just half a minute, he came back out with a cup of hot tea and turned to walk in the direction of his bedroom .

“…” Their antics left the woman gaping and at a loss for words .

Mu Yazhe then gave the woman a kiss, which was his way of comforting and easing her . “Let’s continue with where we left off . ”

Just as his words dropped, he heard a cough from nearby .

The two turned their heads over to see their youngest son popping his head out from behind the wall . The boy very kindly reminded them, “It’s cold at night, so daddy and mommy should turn in early as well! You need to strike a balance between work and rest!”

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With that, the little bun turned around, ran back to his room, and shut the door with a slam .

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Yun Shishi: “…”

That rascal!

A grin was hanging on the man’s face as he mumbled softly to himself . Thereafter, he lifted the woman and carried her to their bedroom, where there was no longer a need for him to hide his ambitions once inside . Thus, as he held her in his arms, he directed her hand to below his waist .

What came into contact with the woman’s hand caused her face to burn immediately!

His urgent actions revealed that he no longer had any patience and was unwilling to spend time on unnecessary talk . He intended to dive straight into his course of action!

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Knowing this, she wanted to hide from him, but alas, his strength overpowered hers and he was reluctant to let go of his grip on her hand .

The ostentatious, bulging tent in his pants caused her heart to race and her face to redden as though they had been stained with a high-quality blush, adding allure and charm to the woman .

“Why this reaction? You ought to be very fond of it!”

In his excitement, he said such racy words while nibbling her earlobe .

Her face turned increasingly red in embarrassment as she stammered, “D-Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Am I wrong?”

A devilish smirk spread across his face . The more shy the woman was, the stronger his desire to claim her, deeper and harder . He, therefore, pushed her down on the bed and climbed on top of her . With their noses touching each other, he nibbled her lip flap while unbuttoning her blouse with practiced familiarity .

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“You looked so eager and impatient earlier, so why are you being reserved now? I’d like it very much if you take the initiative sometimes . ” He told her with a smirk .

His cold lips, which now seeped of warmth after all that kissing, seized hold of her beautiful neck and marked it with fresh, bright-red hickeys .

Despite her best efforts, Yun Shishi could hardly spit anything coherent as she gazed straight at the man’s alluring eyes!

After all, she was lusting for him, too!

However, women were different from men in the aspect of sex as they often appeared to be passive and shy . The sweet nothings he had crooned were simply too embarrassing for words, and they left her entire face blushing profusely and her lips tightening into a pout . She became as meek, and docile, as a cat and dared not move the slightest bit .

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