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Published at 13th of September 2020 02:35:09 PM
Chapter 1877

Although he was no professional, his technique was especially gentle . Under his ministrations, his wife let out a comfortable and contented hum as her entire body relaxed .

The man was upset yet also found her hilarious .

Why was she so delicate?

Nonetheless, the more delicate she was, the more doting he became to her .

After massaging her for a while, he carried her to the bathroom and cleaned their sweaty selves .

Completely relaxed, he tucked her in and turned on the heater . As he hugged her, they fell asleep peacefully .

It was a dreamless night until the sun began to rise .

It was her assistant’s call that woke the woman up .

When she rose from bed, the sky was still dark . In winter, the sun rose at a later time . When it was 7 AM, only a few streaks of light made their appearance in the sky .

The weather in the morning was very cool .

She struggled for a long time before she was willing to leave the warm covers!

At this time, the man was still deep in sleep . He hugged her in a domineering manner, his strong arms acting like chains that were hard to break free from . She was in a hurry to get out of bed and wash up, but she still needed to make sure not to wake him up . After a great deal of effort, she carefully liberated herself from his embrace!

The woman changed her clothes and entered the bathroom . After taking a shower, she was ready to head out . However, just as she opened the bedroom door, the sensitive man was startled awake .

Yun Shishi turned around, only to see his eyes open into slits .

“Where are you going?”

His exceptionally hoarse voice posed that question softly .

She let out a gentle smile as she walked to the bed and bent down, caressing his forehead gently . “Your wife here is going to work! Sleep some more, darling husband . ”

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“So early?”

Mu Yazhe was quite upset . After being a bit more clear-headed, he held her arm as he looked at her with a slightly dangerous gaze . “Why go to work this early?”

“There’s a program that we need to rush, so today’s schedule is rather packed . I’ll probably be back quite late . ”

The man squinted his eyes .

Qin Zhou, that d*mn vampire!

This small thing had such a fragile body . He did not even dare to torment her, yet that ace manager of his wife gutsily filled her schedule to the brim?

D*mn it!

“I heard that the movie you acted as the lead is doing well in the theaters!”

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“Yes! That’s why we received so many programs in a short time . ”

In fact, they had already signed quite a few .

His gaze became even more dangerous .

That agent really deserves to die! Did my words fall on deaf ears? Planning a packed schedule for my woman when I wasn’t around?!

His wife did not know what he was thinking of, and she left the house in a hurry after an affectionate conversation with him .

The moment she was gone, he picked up his phone and gave her manager a call .

The guy had just gotten out of bed . The moment he picked up the call, Mu Yazhe’s angry voice was heard from the other end . “You planned so many programs for my wife, causing her to come back late at night and making her so busy; have you ever considered my feelings?”

Qin Zhou was instantly awake .

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Ah .

The big boss was holding such a huge resentment early in the morning!

Snorting coldly, the said big boss continued . “It seems that you’ve completely ignored my words!”

“I’ve planned it thoroughly . Although Shishi is busy now, her production team knows the drill . She can leave once she’s done with her shoot, and there’s no need for her to linger on set . ”

“It was almost 1 AM when she came back last night . ”

The manager smiled . “Boss, calm down; though she returns late, isn’t that a fast progress? It’s not like she’s making you stay home alone!”

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