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Published at 11th of September 2020 11:55:08 PM
Chapter 1873: 1873
Chapter 1873: How am I to have a sound sleep when you are not back yet?

“Why do you think the entire crew is afraid to go against him? Have you seen anyone gutsy enough to step forward and say something about his arrogant and tyrannical behavior?”

Mu Xi added with a shake of her head, “You’re the only one who does that!”

“It explains why I was so terrified of him . When we first joined this production, I didn’t dare to meet his eyes . I practically avoided him as best as I could . What if he’s a pretty boy? He’s just like a poppy flower—beautiful but deadly . ”

After a brief pause, she continued speaking . “My impression of him has changed, though! You’re unaware of this, but during your absence, the crew often gossiped about you, and he would stand up for you whenever someone badmouthed you in his presence . With him coming to your defense, no one, even those who abhor you, dares to speak ill of you again . Look; Lin Zhi’s assistant doesn’t dare to spin stories about you anymore!”

Her charge fell silent at that .

Upon sending the artist home and before she drove off, she did not forget to drop a reminder . “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at eight in the morning! Be sure to get up on time!”

Yun Shishi waved goodbye to her assistant and dragged her tired body into the house .

What greeted her, upon opening the door, was the warm lights in the living room .

Mu Yazhe, who was reading a newspaper on the sofa, lifted his head and gave her a faint smile upon hearing noise from the front porch . “You’re back!”

“You haven’t gone to bed!”

She thought that he was fast asleep at this point since it was very late already .

It’s 1 AM, but he’s still in the living room waiting for me?

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Her heart warmed at the thought of it .

She had expected to be greeted by a dark room, so it was surprising to find him still waiting for her when she opened the door .

“How am I to have a sound sleep when you are not back yet?” replied the man as he patted the sofa . “Come over!”

The way he beckoned her made her feel as though she were a summoned beast; this amused her greatly .

After closing the door, stripping her coat, and placing it on the clothes rack, the woman made a beeline for the sofa . She had just taken her seat beside him when the man extended a strong arm toward her and wrapped it around her waist to scoop her in his embrace .

There was hardly any time for her to react before he leaned over, sealed her lips in an exorable manner, and tasted her wonder!

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It was one wolfish kiss that he had been yearning for far too long!

Day and night, he longed for the scent of this woman in his arms now!

Being away on a business trip for fourteen days or so nearly drove him insane with longing!

Upon touching down at L . A . , his buddies, Jiang Shen and Lu Jinyu, ran off to find themselves some hot dates to fill the emptiness in them after getting force-fed with mushiness by him .

He, on the other hand, turned his focus on work .

It was bearable not seeing his woman for the first few days, but it eventually became so torturous that he did even not know how he managed to go through that half-month period!

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No more going on business trips .

I don’t want to ever be apart from her that long again!

Mu Yazhe was reluctant to let her go as he wrapped her tightly in his arms . From the time he alighted from the plane to now, he had been missing her so much that sleep was far from him at all . He truly felt restless when she had yet to return home .

As the saying went, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder . ’ Even being apart for a week would make a passionate couple grow listless with longing, let alone the long, torturous period of half a month!

Likewise, Yun Shishi had missed her man badly .

If not for her hectic schedule during this period, she did not even know how she was going to face those long nights without him .

Only by working nonstop and keeping herself busy to the point of exhaustion could she get through those lonesome nights .

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