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Published at 12th of September 2020 02:35:09 AM
Chapter 1874: 1874

The woman returned the man’s hug by coiling her arms around his waist and passionately responding to him . She even took the initiative to pry his lips apart and caress his tongue with hers in a lingering kiss .

Oh, how she missed him and how she pined for the warmth of his body, as well as the mesmerizing arch of his lips .

Thus, she turned that longing into action and decorated his lips with tiny pecks . After several smooching sessions, she lazily studied his devilishly handsome face through hooded lids and delicate panting .

“Why are you back so late?” questioned the man in a tone which was filled with indulgence . It seemed that he had no intention of blaming her for tardiness!

Yun Shishi answered, “The filming got dragged because of the cold weather, resulting in it progressing late into the night!”

“Drop your acting career, then . ” He whispered this into her ear, his breath tickling and caressing it .

It was already not his first time requesting this of her .

Filming had taken up far too much of the precious time that they could have otherwise spent together, which was why he was greatly displeased with her holding such a job .

Guilt clouded the woman’s eyes as she held his face in her hands and coaxed, “Aren’t I back home now?”

“What’s with that righteous tone when you came back so late?”

His tone was curt . Without giving her a notice, Mu Yazhe slipped a hand under her blouse and, through the thick layer of cotton undergarment, easily got hold of her soft, supple bosom . He then pushed his lips against her ear and whispered in a somewhat threatening and ambiguous manner, “Tell me: How should I punish you?”


Feeling lost on whether to get angry with him or just laugh it off, she shoved him in the shoulder . “Need I be punished for just being a little late?”

“Uh-huh . Don’t you think you deserve punishment for making me wait five whole hours?”

Her smile grew deeper upon hearing the petulance in his voice, and so, the sweetly-smiling woman wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave him a peck . “My dear hubby, is this enough to make up for your wait?”

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She dropped another kiss on his lips . “How about this?”


“What will be enough, then?”

In response, he sucked her lips hard and deepened the kiss, not at all willing to part from her . Just as he was relentlessly exploring and tasting the sweetness of her oral cavity, a clicking sound was heard, followed by the opening of the door to the children’s bedroom .

The man was the first one to recover . His eyes lifted at once, just in time to see the sudden appearance of his youngest son in pajamas along the corridor .

Youyou was stupefied to find a passionate scene between his parents playing out in the living room .

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His face revealed a hint of fluster as he stood rather uneasily with his legs rooted to the spot . His plan to make a silent retreat was foiled the moment he sensed his father’s piercing gaze on him .



His hands flew to cover his face at once, which appeared to be rather helpless and dumbfounded .

Out of all things to bump into, I just had to encounter daddy and mummy being intimate with each other again!

How embarrassing!

This doesn’t seem to be the first time, either!

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Do we have telepathy?

Why am I somehow always miraculously walking in on them?

I really have no intention of seeing this!

The boy only wanted to drink a cup of hot tea to quench his thirst after waking up in the middle of the night, but he, unfortunately, encountered this scene, instead .

Would daddy think that it’s premeditated and that I did it on purpose?

No way am I taking the blame on this when I’m an innocent party, too!

Embarrassment was written all over his face .

The woman, who had belatedly shifted her gaze, spotted her sleepy yet sheepish-looking son standing at a corner just then . She immediately made a move to stand up as she shoved the man aside, only to be pulled back into his arms in a tyrannical move the next second .

To his son who had accidentally stumbled into this scene, a certain man very calmly posed a question . “Why are you awake?”

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