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Published at 11th of September 2020 11:55:15 PM
Chapter 1872

“Actually, that producer has a hankering for Hua Jin, but due to the latter’s strong backer, he can only see and not touch him! That horny producer lacks the guts to fornicate with him!”

“Was he so popular right from his debut?”

Mu Xi shook her head in response and replied a ‘no’ before continuing . “He only started gaining popularity a few years back; that, coupled with his backing’s support, caused his net worth to rise exponentially . Honestly though, he was a rent boy before this . ”

The term sounded foreign and baffling to the actress . “What is a rent boy?”

The assistant’s lips twitched hard when she heard that question . “You don’t even know what ‘rent boy’ means?”

“Yes, I have no idea what it means . ”

The vehicle came to a stop as the traffic light at the intersection turned red . That was when she turned to shoot her charge, who wore a confused expression under the dim street lights, a look of incredulity .

“Rent boy, in the old and modern context, means… erm… just take it that they are the playthings of the rich . ”

Yun Shishi was thunderstruck .

A memory struck her right then, and she recalled what Hua Jin had told her .

‘ I was sold by my father to work here!’

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What he told me… Was that all real and not a joke?

While she was still in a daze, the other woman continued explaining to her . “He used to be a boytoy, a male host, in nightclubs . He was later bought and kept as a lover by a boss of a brokerage firm for several years! He was still a nobody back then, but he was quite sought-after despite his young age . Many bosses like his handsome and tender looks, so they kept him as their lover . Acknowledging his pretty face, the brokerage firm’s boss later gave him a stage name and tried pushing him to the road of stardom . Who knew that he would become insanely popular after filming a period drama? His shoot-to-fame made him become the primetime prince . What happened after… was him acquiring a richer and more powerful backer . ”

“How degrading he is,” commented the actress in disgust .

Her assistant shook her head and let out a sigh . “You’re wrong to say that . Many a time, it isn’t out of one’s volition when working in this industry! Being a plaything doesn’t equate to degrading one’s self! Sometimes, one has no choice but to yield to this dog-eat-dog society despite being reluctant . Who would willingly sell their body if given a choice, anyway? Hua Jin must’ve led a tough life those years! Hm… There’re also rumors of him having attempted to commit suicide by slitting his wrist while soaking in a bathtub . It was lucky that he was discovered and saved in time . ”

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The artist was stunned beyond her words .

“Things changed for the better after he got a new backer, though . That person is really impressive, even helping the idol deal with those who toyed and abused him in the past . ”

“They’ve been dealt with?” she asked with puzzlement . “How so?”

Mu Xi cleared her throat and whispered, “You know…” She then mimed the action of slitting her throat .

This vivid visualization turned the artist pale with fright .

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“H-How could such a thing happen?”

It turns out that showbiz is much darker than I thought!

To think such tyrannical things are happening all over it!

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