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Published at 30th of August 2020 11:55:18 PM
Chapter 1835

“Second uncle, aren’t you too kind? You need not leave me face; all you should think now is how to protect yourself! As long as you don’t pull and hold me back again in the future, all is well!”

With that, Mu Yazhe turned and left abruptly .

He had come over to see if his aunt was still breathing . Initially, he thought that she would only be half-alive after that heavy beating from Gong Jie’s subordinate!

He did not think that she was tough enough to pull through .

If that was so, he needed not linger around further .

It was not that he was cold-blooded; he just had an indifferent attitude toward everyone in the Mu family . He cared not if they were dead or alive . Keeping a scene presentable was already the most dignity he could leave them!

Mu Linfeng watched his nephew leave . Looking at his stern back, he suddenly thought that this chess piece could no longer stay!

In the past, he thought that he could get this brat to turn back toward the shores, have him break off ties with Yun Shishi, and then still be able to keep him around!

After all, after inspecting their family, this young chap’s talent and capability were unmatched . His position was not one anyone could easily take over .

This middle-aged man originally wanted to hand the Mu Group to him and have him bring it to greater heights and glory .

He would use him to open new territories for himself and strengthen their family’s control over things . His game of chess had been well-played all this while!

However, with the kind of attitude his nephew had now, he was disappointed!

He had painstakingly taken care and groomed such a good pawn, yet that pawn had come to form thoughts and opinions . The crucial point was that, as his capability continued to grow stronger, he gradually began to go against his ideas . This was not what Mu Linfeng hoped to see!

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He was worried that if this continued, the Mu Group would fall into the hands of his nephew . If the latter started holding selfish intentions and grafting their business empire’s assets to the ones under his name, they would be emptied one day!

There was a possibility that he might do so!

The chap was extremely ambitious . Leaving the family’s commercial empire in his hands may not be a good thing!

All these years that he had put into it may just end up in someone else’s pocket . All that hard work he had put into building the foundation of the group could all go to someone else!

Would that not just be a complete joke?!

Nobody understood one’s son better than his father .

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Mu Yazhe may not be his biological son, but all along, he had been the one taking care of him . He was extremely familiar with his personality and methods .

Therefore, he began to calculate as he felt the need to groom the next successor!

He thought about it left and right, but he could not come up with a name list .

Though the Mu Group was big and filled with talents, even the most powerful candidate could still not hold a candle to Mu Yazhe . There was no chance of any comparison .

Most of them were filled with buffoonery . There were only a few who had a clear mind, but when it came to raw talent in business and planning strategies like his nephew, they were all barely satisfactory!

He predicted that a person as brilliant as his nephew would not appear in the family within the next hundred years .

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Just the thought of how the young man he had groomed and nurtured was now going against him caused him to be in grief and be ready to vomit blood . He just felt an unspeakable bitter suffering in him!

As for the present, apart from leaving discreetly with his sister, Mu Linfeng had no other choice!

If he had known that he would be utterly humiliated early on, he would not have come here in the first place!