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Chapter 1836

On the way back, Lu Jinyu recalled how his chief had fought with his uncle earlier and broke out in a nervous, cold sweat!

“Chief, you were hard on your old man just then . Are you not afraid of him retaliating?”

He added in a half-joking manner, “That old coot may be worried that you’ll lead a revolt and is now looking for an alternate successor . In this way, he’ll raise another power in the Mu household . That can be to your disadvantage!”

The man threw him a casual glance before stating nonchalantly, “You must be joking . ”

His sworn brother was startled by his response, especially when he added frigidly, “Do I need to fear him now?”


“There are no buts . ” He cut him off firmly . “I’ve endured just so I could have my achievements today . Now that I’ve made my stance clear, whatever the old man plans to do next to save himself will just be a needless struggle for survival! He’ll definitely seek a way out for himself after today, but it’s already too late for him!”

He had long realized that, when the old man said that he had taken him as his own, the latter was merely using him for his personal gain .

The middle-aged man sounded honorable and kind when he expressed his desire to ensure his nephew’s hold on the power within their family . In reality, he was only doing it to safeguard his interests!

Right now, Mu Sheng was still alive, so he had to hold off his prerogative, but he would spring into action once the old man passed away .

It was true that he had taken his nephew as his own and patiently nurtured him, but his intention for doing so was to strengthen the Mu empire through his nephew’s efforts before kicking the latter out so he could enjoy the fruits of the labor .

There was no free labor in this world, though; at least, Mu Yazhe would not continue to be made use of!

This was only the start of a war!

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“Chief, don’t you worry; your brothers are here to serve you to the very end!”

Lu Jinyu affirmed his loyalty smilingly .

The man’s lips hooked into a smile . His eyes then revealed a confident and winning brilliance .

The groom-to-be set a bonfire party at the beach that evening . Tons of customized fireworks were air-shipped to the island in advance . By the time all the guests arrived, the place was already completely organized .

The man had spent considerable effort in the evening program .

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Yun Shishi, who had changed into another gown, arrived at the site hand-in-hand with her man; immediately, she saw her younger son and little brother studying an intricate pyrotechnic piece .

“Uncle, I was told that these fireworks will display hearts in the sky when lit!”

The boy exclaimed to his uncle in wonderment .

The man hardly had a chance to touch a pyrotechnic piece despite his work revolving around firearms . Fireworks were a first to him; hence, he was playing around with the stuff full of curiosity .

“Have you released fireworks before?”

The man shook his head . “Nope, but I detonated explosives before . ”

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Youyou: “…”

Standing at one side, she could not help being humored by the uncle-nephew conversation .

She was about to approach them when someone greeted her from behind . “Shishi!”

She turned around to see Xiao Xue and Jiang Li .

Jiang Li had also changed into another dress . Seeing her, the woman happily went up to her . “You look pretty and charming in that gown!”