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Chapter 1834: 1834

Mu Yazhe laughed coldly . “It is just as you saw . That guy indeed has a complex background . On top of having suffered a beating today for offending him, aunt’s life may be bleak in the future to come! Second uncle should wish that he hadn’t taken this offense to heart, though from that chap’s character, he seems to bear grudges on anything that has to do with his sister . ”

Mu Linfeng was apprehensive .

If even his nephew was saying such things, it seemed that that man’s identity was as he deduced . He was most definitely a member of the Gong family .

The feud between their two families had unavoidably started!

When he thought about this, he suddenly felt resentful, having expected better from his female sibling!

Mu Shumin was always causing him trouble . Normally, he would let it go, but this time, she had to offend such a big figure! How could he not be mad?!

Since she was still unconscious, his sister was clueless on the big mess she had created . Who else but him would step forward and clean it up?

Sadly, he did not even stop to think if he was capable in the first place .

What he failed to grasp was Yun Shishi’s relation to that family of superpowers .

Was she not the Yun family’s adopted daughter?

Could it be that…

She was an illegitimate child abandoned by the Gong family?

This was a possibility .

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He was familiar with that family . If one had to say it, several ties connected the two families .

The head of the Gongs, Shaoying, also had a personal grudge against the Mus!

As for the past between that man and Mu Sheng, he had a rough idea about it . Therefore, the existence of that family was a large source of fear to them .

Could his nephew’s wife be Mu Qingcheng and Gong Shaoying’s daughter?

When he thought about this, he was even more restless!

His nephew glanced at the unconscious woman before saying emotionlessly, “When aunt wakes up, please take her out of here! I don’t want our mood to be further ruined . ”

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These words were rather hurtful .

The corners of his lips twitched harshly as he glared at the young man before him sharply . He then sneered . “Are you chasing us away?!”

“I didn’t mean it to sound unpleasant! It’s just that your appearance here is really untimely . With a few Gongs here, does second uncle plan to cause a big scene?”


Mu Linfeng slammed the table and stood up, yelling angrily, “You disgraceful thing! Exactly whose side are you on?! She’s still your aunt, after all . It’s fine that you don’t care about how she was bullied right under your nose, but now that she is hurt, not only don’t you check on her, you actually want to chase us away; what nonsense is this?!”

“I’m on nobody’s side . ”

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He was only on his wife’s .

Whoever bullied his wife, that person was offending him as well .

Gong Jie acting against Mu Shumin was something he was glad to see!

He was a Mu in the end, so it was highly improper of him to lash out on his aunt, but it was different for his woman’s brother .

Mu Yazhe smiled coldly . “Even if he didn’t take any action, I wouldn’t just sit around and watch, either! Aunt indeed went overboard today . Since she’s so sharp with her tongue, shouldn’t she suffer the consequences of it?”

His uncle was rendered speechless .

Unexpectedly, the other laughed icily . “Fine! We’ll leave! You’d better remember your words today! In the future, don’t blame me for not giving you any face!”