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Published at 27th of August 2020 11:00:19 PM
Chapter 1827

Her heart settled down somewhat as her body relaxed in the next second that it dropped onto the large and soft bed . Due to its elasticity, her body bounced on the mattress a couple of times before sinking in .

The man placed his big and broad frame on top of hers, and this quickly immobilized her .

She cried out piteously, “Hey… you’re heavy!”

Just as she said that, she heard his baritone laughter in her ears . He hugged her the next moment and flipped her body over; by the time she regained her composure, he was already lying in bed while she was straddling his torso in a provocative manner .

At a certain spot on his body, she could distinctively make out a slight movement, which got her heart pumping fast and furious!

He teasingly clasped her hand, interlaced their fingers, and mockingly asked, “Do you want to try being proactive this time?”

She blushed when she heard that .

It was good that the room was nearly pitch-black; this way, the man could not catch her embarrassment in plain sight .

She was unused to straddling him . This position agitated her and made her feel helpless .

In this regard, men were usually the active ones, whereas women were passive .

Generally speaking, it was difficult for women to conquer men, and this was even more so for her!

He was very interested to see how attractive she would look if she was on top .

It was with this intention that he turned the table on her this time . Unfortunately, she was too slow and dumb in this aspect as she could only sit and stare at him .

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He reached out for her cheeks before sliding down her neck to her shoulders; eventually, his hands worked to release the knot on her back . Her gown slipped down from her shoulders to reveal her breasts .

The woman lowered her head while biting her lower lip helplessly, looking lost and embarrassed . Her forlorn look made him laugh inwardly .

“Why; don’t you know what to do next?”

She blushed at his question and simply kept her head low, not knowing how to respond or what to do next .

He let loose a chuckle . “How silly!”

He removed her clothes, inched close to her shoulders, and explored her body downward!

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Her face burned as she bit her lower lip further . With her gown thoroughly removed, her goodness was presented completely before him!

Helpless, she sat motionless while he checked her body out . It stiffened involuntarily when his fondling went far and deep .

The man gave a devilish grin . He loved her coy manner . Forcing her lips to part, he kissed his wife ferociously as he ventured deeper .


She let out a soft groan and immediately reprimanded herself for the indiscretion .

I… Why didn’t I try to control it? How could I allow…

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Sipping her lips tightly, the more her thoughts ran, the more embarrassed she felt!

“I like hearing that . ”

He kissed and urged her .

“I like your voice; you’re not allowed to restrain yourself!”

While she kept her lips close, she sensed the stiffness in his voice .

Without realizing what she was doing, she had closed in on his throat and was now planting seductive kisses on his Adam’s apple!