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Published at 27th of August 2020 11:00:12 PM
Chapter 1828: 1828
Chapter 1828: Have I not told you to exercise more?

This was his most sensitive spot .

She was silently tempting him the moment she kissed him on that spot!

He could feel an electrifying current shoot through his four limbs .

He had been holding himself back since the ceremony . By the time he reached this stage, there was really no need to hide or be bashful about anything anymore!

Hence, he simply ripped off her gown to revel in her beauty . This woman looked more stunning now than when she was in her gown to him!

His body reacted in excitement, and he overcame her right there and then . At first, he was slow and gentle, but toward the end, when he could barely keep himself under control, he turned fast and furious .

“Mu Yazhe…”

She was made disheveled by his ferocious attacks and called out his name involuntarily . Unbeknown to her, her meek voice, like a kitten, was a further enticement to him; his lust tumbled out all at one go and buried her under the waves of debauchery .

Her helplessness could be seen in their endless lovemaking .

During climax, he stuck close to her ear, bit her earlobe, and called her name over and over again .


His soft, sexy, and enigmatic voice was too irresistible, so she let herself close her eyes to savor this moment of pleasure!

While awash in debauchery, she slowly felt her energy let up . Soaked in perspiration, her breathing became hurried and dysrhythmic .

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“Slow… down…”

Unable to hold up to his aggressive stance, she could only use her remaining breath to plead for mercy!

Unfortunately for her, he was too carried away by his carnal desires that her pleading fell on deaf ears .

By the time it was over, she had long collapsed in his arms . With every bit of strength in her body gone, she lay helplessly and out of breath like a sick person in his embrace!

Looking at her, he found her demeanor cute and funny!

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This was only round one, and already, she was out of the game . Honestly, he did not know what to say to her!

“Haven’t I told you to exercise more? Your physique is too poor!” he grumbled . Still, his tone held undeniable, loving indulgence .

She panted, still in a daze . Unable to take in a word that he just spoke, she concentrated on regulating her breathing .

The man really felt sheepish and decided not to torment her anymore . Hugging her in bed, he caressed and rubbed her back to ease her discomfort .

He knew that she did not sleep well last night .

Hence, the woman ended up in such an embarrassing state now!

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As he held her, his five fingers tousled her hair . Bringing her head to rest on his chest, he could feel that something inside him was still unsatisfied; however, he could no longer bear to tease her!

He could wait for her to recover her energy for the next round!

He knew he must not overdo this .

Just in case he scared her off in the future .

Under his comfort and assurance, she slowly regained her breath as she rested her head on his chest . When she had her eyes closed earlier, she felt herself lifted to the heavens on the brink of suffocation!

This man was powerful in this aspect and had the capability to tear her apart literally!

At this moment, he was lying back with his head on the high pillow, admiring her lovely countenance in front of him . The more he observed, the more love he felt!

Footsteps sounded from outside the door out of the blue .