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Published at 27th of August 2020 11:00:23 PM
Chapter 1826


She could not withstand his tickling actions anymore and burst out in a string of pearly laughter .

She was about to beg for mercy from his relentless attack when he suddenly caught her by the shoulder and twirled her around to face him while clutching her firmly by the waist .

He dipped his eyes to admire her shy demeanor, especially her clear orbs and fluttering eyelashes which were too alluring for good .

“Little fool, what do you know?”

Staring at her from such proximity, where their noses and lips were touching, he could catch every action from her every eyelash .

This intimacy only made her heart pound faster, where she could almost hear the thudding sound reverberating in her ears .

With his mouth touching her petal-like lips, he panted words that made her blush further . “You are so seductive and beautiful now!”

She was so shy as she clenched her fists nervously, not knowing how to react to his ministrations!

Although this was not her first time getting intimate with him, her reaction was like a naïve and shy girl still—she was always unsure of what to do next .

Her hands clasped tightly behind her, with her petite lips firmly pressed into a thin line .

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His coquettish compliment only highlighted his lust for her, so much so that, despite her clumsiness, she could tell how he longed for her from the way his body turned stiff and tense!

“Do you know how long I’ve been enduring it? I want you so badly…”

His seductive words next to her ear were almost too much for her to bear!

She had not realized how seductive and lethal he could be with his provocative words!

With her heart pounding hard and fast, the corner of her lips twitched a bit before she made an attempt to resist half-heartedly . “Now? It’s not so good, right… The night isn’t here yet!”

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“You don’t need to bother with that!”

He tried to fix his mouth on her ruddy lips, which could not stop moving, while hugging her, but she ducked hurriedly . His desperate attack made her want to laugh and roll her eyes!

“Wait a minute! The curtain… isn’t drawn yet!”

She blushed and spouted an excuse, stealing a glance at the wide, full-length window next to them . She dropped a hint for him to draw the curtain!

Her words, alas, fell on deaf ears . Ignoring the window completely, the man held her captive in his arms and forced his way onto her silent, beckoning lips!

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He could not let go once they started kissing; his penetrating kiss only made her blush even more .

“Mmph… W-Window…”

He had no patience to listen further . No man liked to be interrupted in such an affair, especially when he had endured long and hard up until that moment . After getting rid of his bothersome gang of brothers, he finally had a brief period of alone time with her . Under such a circumstance, every minute and second counted!

Hence, he lifted her single-handedly . As he walked past the window, he swept the thick curtain close until the spacious room turned dark under its shrouding .