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Published at 26th of August 2020 11:40:06 PM
Chapter 1825: 1825

Her expression softened at his words .

This brother of hers had always been like this .

When they were still children, he never let her be bullied by others . Like a guardian angel, he would often be the first to appear when she was under attack by thugs .

She still remembered how, for her sake, he once got into a fight with a big group of boys . Overpowered by that bunch, he was badly beaten up . Her voice went hoarse from crying as she watched him get beaten to a pulp, his face badly bruised, yet he would stop her whenever she tried to intervene in the fight .

The group only dispersed when the adults arrived to stop the fight, but he was on the verge of passing out from all the beating by then .

That was the worst she had seen and the most memorable .

She told him, “I know . ”

“As for my identity… I’ll let you know in due time!”


After hanging up the call, the man gave a celebratory high-five with his nephew .

“Haven’t I told you? Mommy will regret her harsh words! She’s very soft-hearted . ” No one knew that woman better than this son of hers .

After the ceremony was over, Jiang Shen did what he had promised earlier by giving her a big, fat red packet . She opened it to discover a generous seven-digit gift . A wry chuckle escaped her throat; she could almost imagine the guy’s aggrieved expression over her harmless joke!

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She did not expect him to take her words for real!

Returning to her room, she looked at the heap of presents with contentment and happiness .

Now, she finally understood why a bride was the happiest woman in the world on her wedding day .

This was probably because every relationship had its ups and downs, and it must be pure bliss when the relationship eventually bore fruit, where the woman got to settle down with the man she loved finally .

A phrase from a song’s lyrics that she knew came to her at this moment,

‘I finally found you; I’m glad I didn’t give up . ’

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One would treasure happiness that was hard to come by!

Suddenly, footsteps could be heard from behind her .

Her attention returned to the present abruptly; she was about to turn around when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist tightly .

From the back, Mu Yazhe embraced her . Burying his face and eyes in her crown of glory, he sniffed greedily at the soft, fluttering fragrance .

“What are you thinking of?” he asked gently, pressing close to her ear . His warm, moist breath soared and tickled her elegant, captivating shoulder . She retracted her shoulder under the coy attack . Suddenly, he bit her cute, little earlobe coquettishly, sending her heart throbbing wildly .


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“What about me?”

“Don’t do this…”

She gave a little push . Finding his actions ticklish, she cried out petulantly, “It’s ticklish when you do this!”

“What to do? Who asked you to be so seductive in the first place? Do you think I’ll allow you to reject me now?”

The man smiled and pressed in further amid her resistance . He bit her earlobe, and soon, her face flushed hotly under his intimate actions . The heat radiated from her cheeks down to her ears, and even her body started to get hot!

He absolutely adored her shy reaction .