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Chapter 1822: 1822

“Unless mommy voluntarily returns to the Gong family; if so, then I’m willing to meet him!”

His uncle slowly poured himself a glass of red wine . He seemed to be in deep thought as he ran his slender fingers along the glass rim .

The boy pouted with a smile of resignation .

No matter what, he would hold the same stand as his mother .

If he were to put aside her wishes and follow his uncle back to the Gong family, then his grandfather would likely be able to tell his identity based on his looks .

At that time, his grandfather might trace his identity back to his mother, and that could lead to issues cropping up for her . This was a situation that he did not want to see!

The man sized up the little fellow from head to toe, and upon remembering how his sister had refused to return to their family because of Mu Yazhe, he felt aggrieved and hurt .

Thus, he inquired, “Youyou, tell me, why is it that women can sacrifice everything for the sake of love?”

Startled, the boy’s mouth gave a sharp twitch before he replied mockingly, “Uncle, I’m your nephew—not an encyclopedia! There’s no need to ask me everything, is there?”

“It’s just that your uncle finds you smart and a know-it-all; I’m sure you’ll have an answer . ” The man propped his head lazily in his palms as he looked at the boy intently .

The latter admitted that by his motion of silence . He slowly stirred the cola in the glass, blew a mouthful through the straw until little gas bubbles appeared inside the container, and gave a vague reply as he took a sip, “That’s because they have different views on love! Love may just be a part of men, but to women, love is everything . ”

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The man was extremely surprised to hear that as he exclaimed, “Are you an expert on love? You hit the nail on the head with your observation!”

His nephew threw him a spiteful look before commenting frigidly, “I’m no pro, but this is what I’ve read from books . ”

Gong Jie smiled, finding his nephew simply too adorable—a tender-looking boy who did not mince his words!

“I still can’t understand women who treat love as their everything!”

Looking at his uncle through his periphery, he threw him an easy question . “Have you fallen in love before?”

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The man returned the question with a frown . “Why are you asking me that?”

“I’d like to find out your love history! Why; couldn’t I ask you that?”

“I don’t have a relationship history,” admitted his uncle .

Snorting through his nostrils, the boy added contemptuously, “No wonder; you’ve never been in a relationship before, huh! Then, did you have a woman before?”

“What do you mean?”

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“That means… have you ever been in a love relationship with a woman, such as a female companion with an emotional attachment or physical relationship—”


Without warning, the man spurted a mouthful of red wine on the boy’s face upon hearing that .

The little lad shut his eyes abruptly as his tender face was baptized by a splash of red wine . It was an embarrassing sight, especially when his thick, long, and curly eyelashes went sticky with the red liquid . Looking displeased, his brows knitted in a tight frown as he tried to calm himself down; he did all he could not to explode at his uncle .

The man looked at him sheepishly and immediately apologized, “Nephew, I’m sorry; your uncle here didn’t do it on purpose…”

“…” Ignoring him, the boy took out his fluffy hankie and carefully wiped his face clean .

“Uncle, may I trouble you to mind your manners? Why is there a need for such an exaggerated reaction?!”