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Published at 26th of August 2020 11:40:10 PM
Chapter 1823

Gong Jie was in disarray .

Come on . It was not that he was unaware of his manners! It was just because he! Could not! Take! It! Alright?!

What did he mean by physical relationship?!

Who had ever met a seven-year-old who would say such things so casually?!

Did anyone?!

He was not mentally prepared for this at all; thus, he was completely caught off guard!

This kid was really a rascal!

The man laughed uncontrollably as he asked bemusedly, “What do you mean by physical relationship?! Does your little brain know what that term means?”

“A physical relationship means that things happen only on a physical level . It’s an intimate relationship to fulfill sexual desires . Another term for it that is easier to understand is: bed partners . ”

The man was dumbstruck .

His nephew tilted his head to the side elegantly as he asked calmly and in an unruffled manner, “What? Am I wrong in my explanation?”

“What nonsense are you thinking about all day with that little head of yours?! How could you… cough—know something like that?!”

He was completely floored, still finding all this simply inconceivable .

Youyou smiled at him . “I’m currently studying psychology and sociology . That’s what I’ve learned recently . ”

“You’re learning this way too early!” he said sternly .

“I am always very ahead . ”

“It’s good to spend more effort in your actual academics!

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“Stop reading all that psychology nonsense . Have you revised your homework?” He laughed .

The boy smirked casually . “I’ve already prepared my homework for science until high school grade three . That’s why, normally, I am rather bored…”

Gong Jie was left dumbfounded again .


How was it possible?

He was still in elementary school when he was at this age!

With such profound knowledge being taught in high school, was he able to understand all?

As for this boy, he had readied his homework way ahead of time?!

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Was he that gifted?!

The man took a deep breath of cold air; he was still in disbelief .

“These questions are so simple . Once I read a book once, I can understand all the concepts written in it! I’m not that interested in humanities; they’re just subjects that require pure memorization . I have no interest in preparing for something like that, too,” said his nephew with disdain .

Gong Jie: “…”

It was no wonder that this kid had such a horrifyingly high E . Q . He had been spending all this extra time studying psychology .

It was too frightening…

When his sister had him, was there some kind of genetic mutation which resulted in such a shocking genius?

“I guess that you’ve never dated, much less touched another woman, before, and that’s why you are unable to comprehend mommy’s actions . Women are more emotional in general . Plus, most of them are insecure, so the reason they value kinship so much is something men will never be able to understand, but I can understand her! Mommy is someone who cares a lot about family . In her heart, women should place family first even when they are independent . That’s why she’s willing to give and sacrifice anything to protect our family…”

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Youyou suddenly stopped mid-speech as he disdainfully glanced at his uncle with impatience . “Forget it! You won’t understand even if I explain it to you! You don’t even understand women . ”

“You say it as if you truly know all about this,” countered his uncle indignantly .

“Mommy and I have been relying on each other since I was much younger . There’s no one else apart from me who knows mommy the best, yet despite this, I still have no right to speak about this matter?”

The man was tongue-tied .

“I’m just talking over your head right now . Uncle is already so old, but you still haven’t been with a woman . You won’t understand even if we talk about this more!” mocked his nephew .

One could not talk to someone who had limited experience and knowledge .