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Published at 25th of August 2020 11:05:09 PM
Chapter 1821

“If you tell mommy the whole truth straight to her face, she’ll be scared stiff for sure! If she finds out that the brother whom she used to love has become such a terror… he he he!” The boy felt a touch of schadenfreude for his uncle’s misery!

“Then, think of a way out for me, alright? Tell me how to manage this matter!” His uncle issued an order .

The little lad told him petulantly . “I’m not gonna do that! You find a solution yourself . Settle your problem yourself, and don’t push it onto others!”

With that, he stood up eagerly, ready to walk away .

Behind him, Gong Jie suddenly raised an evil grin on his face . “Going to leave now? Alright, then, my dear nephew; I don’t mind getting you in hot soup, either! I can tell my sister that you and I are in the same terrorist organization, and you kill and bomb others for a living, too . In fact, you once hacked into the Pentagon’s security system and have also been pretty active in arms smuggling . How do you think she’ll look at you once she hears that?”

The boy turned his head to look at his uncle abruptly, sending a deadly glint in his direction .

“I dare you to do that!”

“Do you think that I won’t dare?!” The man returned his glare defiantly .

Clutching his fists in frustration, the boy tried to second-guess what the man was thinking but had to give up in the end . He could not tell if his uncle would really betray him .

He drew in a sharp breath, returned to the table, and forced himself to calm down as he sat across from the man .

The man gently poured some cola into his glass and pushed it in front of him .

“If I must come up with a solution now, I say… Why don’t you put this matter aside first?”


“Don’t do anything, and don’t mention anything about it, either . Let this issue blow over . Later, once this cools down, you can fabricate an identity for her! She’ll believe you . ”

Gong Jie: “…Is it that simple?”

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“What do you think? Mommy can be smart at times, but most of the time, she is rather stupid . ”

The man mulled over his words and nodded his understanding . Suddenly, he looked penetratingly at the boy .



“Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

He sidled up to the boy all of a sudden, stared deeply into his eyes, and asked brashly, “Are you willing to follow me back to the headquarters? My father wants to meet you . ”

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The boy looked at him with a start .

“Your father wants to see me?”

“Well, judging by ranking, he’s your boss, and going by seniority, you should address him as your grandfather . ”

The boy only frowned without a word .

He asked with a sudden curiosity, “Why does he wanna see me?”

“As the child genius in Hurricane Group, and one of the developers of ‘Deva Eye’, he is naturally curious to see how you look! He’s been talking to me about it for a long time now, but considering that you haven’t agreed to it yet, I’ve postponed scheduling a meeting between you two . This is a good time to bring up this matter to you . ”

The boy remained mum .

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His uncle pressed on . “Why? Are you unwilling?”

“No . ” He shook his head . “Actually, I wanted very much to meet him before I found out that he’s my grandfather! In my heart, he’s an awesome dictator—an ingenious leader for developing the organization to such a grand scale—and a man I admire greatly . ”

He burst into sudden laughter as he continued . “But after knowing that he’s my grandfather, I no longer have the urge to meet him!”


He was truthful . “That’s because I don’t know which identity I should assume before him!”

Gong Jie: “…”

“Unless mommy voluntarily returns to the Gong family; if so, then I’m willing to meet him!”