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Published at 25th of August 2020 11:05:10 PM
Chapter 1820

The boy rolled his eyes, took a sip of his cola, and suddenly drew close to the man . He then asked mysteriously, “Do you know why I don’t tell my mommy about my involvement with Hurricane Group?”


The man looked at him quizzically .

Twitching his nose, the boy answered pathetically, “If mommy finds out that I’m muddling in firearms and smuggling, I’ll definitely get a thrashing from her!”

Saying that, he heaved a sigh and shook his head . “That’s I’ve been doing my best to hide the truth from her even now . Mommy doesn’t know my dark side; to her, I’m just a simple, adorable son . In this case, I’ll continue to act this role well . If she finds out about what I do behind her back, I will really get it from her!”

The man was full of admiration . “How did you manage to hide the truth for so long?!”

“That’s because I have better acting skills . ” The boy was rather pleased with himself .

His uncle must admit that it was true and kept his silence .

Downcast, he gulped down the red wine in his glass . “She said that I’ve changed into a ruthless man now . Is this true?”

The boy continued to sip his cola and just cast him a glimpse; he wanted him to answer the question himself .

Gong Jie frowned . “What do you mean by that look?”

“I have to say that my mom is right in that regard . Uncle, you are really ruthless!” His nephew held his hands up in surrender .

“How am I ruthless?”

The boy had to roll his eyes at the adult’s dumb question . “He he! Well, for one, you hung a pirate on your deck under the blazing sun for three days until he became a dry corpse . I think only my dear uncle could be viscous enough to do that . ”

The man kept quiet again .

“He tried robbing my cargo and killed one of my crew . Leaving him under the sun for three days was already a light punishment . ”

“Then, using a man as a shooting target for your gun practice was also something only you could think of,” countered the boy .

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He tried to defend himself . “That fellow was the head of a terrorist group, and he tried to take my life . ”

Youyou: “…”

Following which, the man tried to console himself . “Actually, I think I’m a rather kind man . ”

The boy looked at him like he was a hopeless idiot . “Uncle, I believe your moral standards probably differ from mommy’s . ”

“What’s wrong?”

His nephew tried to explain logic to him . “You see, from mommy’s perspective, killing people, bombing, smuggling, selling firearms… are all bad stuff . ”

The man nodded with seeming understanding .

“Out of the many items that I’ve just listed, how many have you committed? Have you killed anyone before?”

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“I did . ”

“Have you bombed any place in the past?”

“I blasted a presidential palace; does that count?”

“Have you smuggled before?”

“Do you have a terrorist organization?”

Shrugging his shoulders in apparent resignation, the boy chuckled . “Look! Now you know why, in mommy’s eyes, you are a true-blue baddie!”

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The man instantly turned hopeless and despondent by his conclusion .

“Besides, mommy was probably upset because she felt that you were hiding something from her! Actually, she cares about you and wants to integrate into your world, but you always seem to be keeping something from her, so as a result, she feels rejected by you! Mommy is actually very sensitive and vulnerable . ”

“Then, what should I do? Must I truly confess everything to her?”

Youyou: “Let her know that you kill and bomb people for a living—that you are, in fact, a hundred-percent baddie?”

Gong Jie: “…”

No, I can’t!

I don’t want sis to be afraid of me!