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Published at 24th of August 2020 11:25:06 PM
Chapter 1819: 1819

“How could you say that you’re not violent when you almost beat her to death?”

“She bullied you! I was just standing up for you!”

“I don’t need you to stand up for me!” she said angrily . “I don’t like a violent brother! You wouldn’t hurt a street cat in the past, yet moments ago, you actually threatened to take someone’s life . You weren’t like this in the past…”

She did not think that it was wrong of him to stand up for her .

It was just that she found her brother to be hiding a terrible side of him .

From what she could remember of her past brother, he was not this ruthless .

There was even an unspoken telepathy between them!

Somehow, she could sense that the adult him was rather different from the child him; the boy she knew then used to love hiding behind her .

Back then, he was innocent, adorable, and gentle . He might be naughty at times, but at the very least, he was a kind boy .

The one before her now might behave like a gentle lamb with her, but when he inadvertently exposed this side of him to her, she quickly realized how terrible he could be .

She was not a vicious person . Although Mu Shumin was harsh with her attitude and words, that still did not warrant for her brother to want that woman’s life!

How could he be so casual with cruelty?

In fact, she started to doubt his identity .

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Looking at him dubiously, she asked, “What are you doing exactly? Can you tell me? Why do you have such a highly skilled bodyguard? Why are you always so busy flying around the world? Why are you so ruthless now with total disregard for everyone? Who are you exactly? I have a feeling that you are hiding something from me; is that true?”

The man was totally taken aback; he was about to say something but then held himself back at the last minute .

He dared not confess .

He was worried that if he told her the truth, she would distance herself from him because of fear!

Seeing his avoidance, she told him disappointingly, “You won’t come clean with me, will you?”

He hesitated . “Sis, I…”

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“Don’t tell me—”

“Sis, don’t make wild guesses!” He helplessly tried to explain himself . “Don’t make guesses, alright? I’m not hiding intentionally; it’s just that…”

“What is it?” She narrowed her eyes at him . “Xiao Jie, I know that I shouldn’t interfere in your personal affairs, but there are some things that I just don’t get! Somehow, I feel that we are different . I’m a common folk, while you give the feeling that you hold life-dictating powers . ”

When she was with him, she would very often be overwhelmed by his all-consuming presence .

He remained silent, lost for words, not knowing how to reveal the truth to her .

Resigned, she smiled sadly . “Since you’ve openly indicated that you wish to hide things from me, let it be!”

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With that, she let go of his hand abruptly .

He panicked and tried to grab her hand back, only to see her avoid him coldly .

Hurt, he looked at her slowly receding back, her hand on Mu Yazhe’s arm .

The other man threw him a cool glimpse, his lips curled into a slightly contemptuous grin as the couple slowly walked away .

He stood rooted to the spot, gnashing his teeth angrily .

“Do you think I should be truthful with her about my identity?”

At the private bar counter inside the cargo ship, Gong Jie sat across from Youyou and posted that question with a face full of doubts . His hand twirled the wine glass back and forth a couple of times before taking a sip .