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Published at 22nd of August 2020 10:25:14 PM
Chapter 1812

Marrying that man would mean no more worries for the rest of her life!

Among the esteemed guests, they could see members of royal families, prominent political figures, and even the noble president of a particular country . That man’s elite status was undeniable, indeed!

The younger one was so jealous, but all she could do was go green with envy as she watched from the sidelines .

Deep-seated hatred for their cousin, whom she considered a vixen, started to take root in her heart!

To her, Yun Shishi was a classic case of Cinderella . With no status and decent background to boost, other than her good looks, in what ways did she deserve an elite like Mu Yazhe?

Someone like her cousin could be deemed fortunate to marry a rich man who was worth tens of millions!

However, after experiencing this extravagant and romantic engagement, the hatred she had for her cousin had seeped in right to her bones .

In what way does she deserve all these?

The b*tch has nothing, yet she can marry such an outstanding man!

Marrying into an elite family is an envy to so many others!

What about me?

Comparing with others only made one mad .

Her older sister, too, held the same kind of feelings . Having seen the extravagance that existed in this city, both siblings longed for a chance to have more!

Similarly, she started to get frustrated . How she longed for the high society and found herself an outstanding man like Mu Yazhe!

She did not have high expectations and would not reject men with half his capabilities .

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Alas, she had a bad run-in with Gong Jie on her first try!

Her heart could no longer contain her fury and jealousy .

Why could her cousin have all these but not me?

What underhanded means did that sl*t use to make him succumb to her charms?

It appears that she has the smarts, too!

She may look sweet and innocent, pretending to be pure and chaste, but really, she’s just a downright b*tch sans the visage .

“What a vixen! I think she must have used some unscrupulous ways to charm that man . Look at how docile he is when with her! Hmph . ”

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“Sis, let’s work harder! Who knows? Maybe we can find a better man than him!” instigated her younger sister .

She squinted her eyes and snorted; her pair of orbs shone ambitiously despite her silence!

After the end of the engagement party, just as the couple was sending off the guests, there came two unexpected visitors!

When Mu Linfeng and Mu Shumin appeared at the venue, the bride-to-be was too stunned to move on the spot .

Her man, however, was not too surprised .

He knew his uncle would appear sooner or later!

With the assistance from his sister and with his hand on a walking cane, Second Mu faced the betrotheds with a sullen look . When he saw his nephew hugging his fiancée by the shoulders, his expression turned colder and he snorted a long and chilling snigger!

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The venue was tightly guarded today, and no one without invitation could enter .

As the two elders could not produce any invitation cards when they arrived, they were stopped at the door .

It was only when the guests were dispersing that they could mingle in .

The old man did not know that his nephew was preparing for an engagement at first .

At an earlier time, he was sure that the young man could not get engaged, much less married, without touching the Mu assets!

That fellow is just bragging . What could a chap like him do sans his family’s support?!