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Chapter 1813: 1813

Thus, he was in for a rude awakening the moment he learned that his nephew had organized a grand-scale engagement party .

He also found out that, though the engagement was not high-profile, many luminaries were attendees of it .

He could not believe this when the news reached his ears .

How did he?!


How could the rascal pull off such a grand engagement without the use of any cent from Mu Group?!

He was full of doubts as he brought along his sister to the venue, and what he saw had him taken back!

The engagement ceremony was impressive and decent despite not having the support of the Mu family . Not only was he surprised, suspicion grew at the back of his mind!

When he wanted to enter the venue, he was stopped at the entrance . This got him really livid .

Who am I?

No matter what, I’m the male betrothed’s second uncle! Must I need an invitation to attend my nephew’s engagement?!

What nonsense is this?!

He thought he would drop dead from the anger, which had accumulated, inside him!

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Hatred grew in his heart!

Similarly, Mu Shumin, who had encountered the same treatment at the entrance, was burning with disgrace within .

Hence, when she saw the smiling couple sending off the happy guests, it took a lot from her not to erupt in anger .

The groom-to-be acknowledged the old man, albeit with much indifference, upon seeing them and tried to salvage some pride for him in this way . “Second uncle!”

The man totally disregarded his aunt, though, and treated her as transparent air .

His aunt almost vomited blood from fury; the middle-aged woman was about to blow a gasket but her brother stopped her .

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“How dare you still have the cheek to address me as your uncle?!”

All the guests had dispersed by then; hence, the old man had no qualms demonstrating his deep displeasure . Knocking his cane angrily several times on the ground, he lambasted, “What do you mean by this?! You came to this island all by yourself without telling anyone from the Mus! Are you trying to revolt now?! Will you only be satisfied once you force me to an early grave?!”

“Uncle, your words are too harsh!” He hugged his betrothed tightly and spoke with much nonchalance . “Naturally, I only invited people who would give their blessings to our union . As for those skeptics or ill-intentioned fellows, there’s no need to invite them!”


The old man furrowed his brows deeply and burst out in an angry laughter . “Rascal, are you truly trying to force me to an early grave?! Haven’t I warned you not to have anything more to do with this woman? You’d better cut off all ties with her—the sooner, the better! I don’t accept her and won’t allow her to step into the Mu household! I’ve made this clear to you before; why didn’t you listen?!”

Gong Jie heard the commotion and walked to the entrance just in time to catch this exchange . A glint flashed across his pensive orbs .

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A slightly devilish grin then appeared on his lips .

He walked over and stood behind his sister, staring at the old man with a cold, sarcastic look .

Mu Linfeng was too consumed with anger to notice his aloof presence behind the woman .

“I only found out about your engagement from others! How could you hide this from your family and run all the way here to fulfill your vow to a wild sow with dubious background like her?! You’re disgracing our entire family!”

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!”

Both young chaps blasted the old man at the same time .