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Published at 22nd of August 2020 10:25:16 PM
Chapter 1811

The older sibling broke down and told her off at once . “You’re not the one who lost face in front of so many guests! Who are you to mock me now?!”

Her sister turned speechless .

With her eyes red and swollen, the older one wailed louder than ever as she recalled how she had gotten humiliated in front of all those people . Having nowhere to vent her frustration, she took it out on her sister .

The latter asked stiffly, “It wasn’t me who splashed wine on you; why’re you taking it out on me now?”

She snorted and did not say anything more . She was full of grievances as she tried to stifle her sobs .

Her sister walked to her side, stooped down, and in a hushed tone, said, “I heard that man addressing our cousin as sister . Could he be her long-lost brother?”


She looked up; her red and swollen eyes were full of doubt .

“He should be her brother; they look very alike . ”

“Why?! Why, why, why?!”

She lost her cool as she cried buckets of tears . “Why is that woman entitled to all the good things in life?! She has such a good-looking and powerful fiancé, who could book an island for their engagement ceremony . Have you seen her accessories? Did you see her engagement ring and her expensive gown? Why?! Why only she could get treated like a princess? Why could she have all the love?”

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Her sister frowned and spouted, “I found out that this island wasn’t booked by him . ”


“This island belonged to our cousin’s fiancé . It’s one of his private properties . This means that this place belongs to him from the very start . ”

She listened with wide-eyed disbelief .

“Sis, have you heard of Disheng Financial Group?”

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She shook her head, asking quizzically, “Never heard of it! What about that?”

“I checked, and if I’m not mistaken, our cousin’s fiancé is that corporation’s chairman . ”

As the younger sibling spoke, her eyes were full of jealousy and envy .

“What about that?!” Knowing nothing about the elite world, she was unbothered by this piece of information .

Rising her brow in disbelief, her younger sister looked at her and said, “‘What about that’?! Do you know the status Disheng has in the country? Do you know how much that guy is worth?! Do you know what it means to be that conglomerate’s big boss? If he is really what others speak about, then our cousin will be sleeping on money from here on out! She’ll have a lifetime of fame and fortune!”

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“Isn’t that exaggerating?”

“He he! Do you know how many assets Disheng holds?! It has a hand in every industry, be it finance, real estate, showbiz, tourism, five-star hotel chains, or even medicine . They have tons of investments in such fields! You can say that Shishi has risen to fame simply through her status! Heh!”

As the younger one narrated all that, she could no longer conceal the jealousy and hatred in her eyes .

The older one listened with great astonishment and disbelief .