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Published at 20th of August 2020 11:40:09 PM
Chapter 1806

That comical scene sent everyone laughing to no end .

Even his mother could no longer preserve her demure image as she sniggered behind her sleeve .

“Moron,” muttered Youyou under his breath . He then ran to the stage and flicked his brother on the forehead . “How stupid! You couldn’t even handle a tiny pigeon . ”

The older boy felt even more aggrieved than before; his tears were on the verge of leaking as he glared at him .

“Stupid brother, you do it if you’re so smart!”

With a proud snort, the younger boy extended his arm, lightly patted the pigeon’s head, and soon got the trust of it with his gentle touch .

He successfully retrieved the box from its beak .

He then turned and handed the box, which contained two rings, to his father .

Mu Yichen gaped at the incredulity of the situation .

His younger brother seemed to share telepathy with that pigeon .


It turned out that the sacred ring-exchange ceremony was deliberately presented to everyone in the children’s most innocent and novel method .

Standing on tiptoes, the curious Yun sisters craned their necks toward the stage in an attempt to see what lay inside the box!

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By the looks of it, this was probably when the couple would exchange their engagement rings!

The younger lad grinned and gave his blessings to his parents . “Yichen and I wish daddy and mommy to have a lasting and blissful marriage, and we hope that both of you will stay in love until your hair turns gray! Here’s our gift for you on this special occasion!”

His sweet-talking had the guests cheering loudly for them .

Some of these guests knew of the older one but had little information about the younger one .

Still, upon seeing their similar-looking faces, they could tell that the younger lad was likely the older one’s twin!

They reckoned that his father’s protective streak toward him was probably the reason why he was not exposed to the public’s eyes sooner!

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According to Youyou, that box of rings was the twins’ mystery gift to their parents . It was no mere talk, indeed!

That pair of engagement rings was handpicked by them!

Of course, it naturally came with an exorbitant price, which their mother was clueless about, but it was their thoughts that counted .

Mu Yazhe knew about this, though . Before the engagement ceremony, his youngest son had secretly sought him out and mentioned this matter to him .

The little guys wanted to handpick their parents’ engagement rings and buy them with their savings as their expression of sincerity!

It was just that it had to be kept a secret from their mother .

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The man laughed at the knowledge of these imps personally selecting an engagement gift for them .

He was very aware that these two boys were rich with savings despite their tender age of seven .

He had somewhat of a rough figure of the savings his oldest son had .

As for his youngest boy, who was a core figure of Hurricane Group, he was naturally made of money . The financial power he held in his hand was an incomparably impressive sum!

Not even the man had a clear idea of his son’s financial power!

All he knew was that the firearms group was in no way inferior to the Mu Group, and they were likely well-matched in terms of financial capability . In fact, the former could even be much stronger than the latter in that aspect .

Youyou had already prepared this gift way before their engagement and was only biding his time to present this mystery gift during the ceremony itself . It was after much rumination that he decided to pick a couple ring for his parents as a meaningful and thoughtful gift to them!