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Chapter 1805: 1805

All of a sudden, the little guy shut his eyes and solemnly brandished the wand in the air along with the music playing . From the way he mimicked the world’s top magician, it seemed that he was about to perform a mysterious magic trick!

Alas, nothing happened even after waving his wand in the air for a long time .

Mu Yazhe, who had no idea at all that this segment had been lined up for the ceremony, wore a baffled look, whereas Yun Shishi had eyes wide from curiosity as she wondered what the lad was up to this time .

His actions completely rendered Youyou, who was watching from the sidelines, speechless .

What antics is that brat up to?!

Lu Jinyu then urged, “Have you conjured anything up?”

Starting to feel urgent when nothing appeared after his conjuring trick, Little Yichen hushed the man by saying, “Patience! The magic is brewing!”

The moment those witty words came from his mouth, the audience chortled in mirth as everyone found him adorable, humorous, and interesting!

“That cute boy is so hilarious!”

The lad’s brother cocked a brow when he heard that .


He’s a clown .

What stunt is he trying to pull up there?

His older brother continued waving his wand in a grandiose manner but to no avail .

Another wave of laughter surged forth at his failed attempts .

Finally sensing that something was wrong, he panicked and turned to the man for help .

“Uncle Jinyu, what’s going on? This isn’t how the script plays!”

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Alas, his cry for help was loud enough for the people off-stage to hear it clearly . His cover was, thus, blown .

A chuckle escaped his mother’s mouth before she burst out laughing over her silly son!

The boy’s father and brother, on the other hand, facepalmed at this . Clearly, they were helpless with him!

The addressed uncle, for his part, solemnly asked, “Have you forgotten the magic trick I taught you the day before?”

“I haven’t . I clearly remember that it’s this technique . ”

“Little fool, come; I’ll teach you again . ”

With that said, the adult crouched, held the boy’s small hands, and guided the latter in waving the wand through the air . In just a matter of seconds, flapping sounds were heard before a flock of snowy-white pigeons flew around the venue in a circle before soaring away with their wings spread .

The boy’s eyes instantly lit up in delight at his success .

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This sudden and magical scene had all the guests exclaiming in surprise . What was even more astonishing, though, was that one of the pigeons agilely flew straight to the lad, who had an arm extended in waiting . The bird nimbly and steadily landed on his finger in an erect stance .

With their gazes locked on the bird, the crowd finally noticed a stalk of rose on its beak, and dangling below the stem was a small and exquisite-looking box .

Mu Yichen grinned as he tried to procure the box from its beak .

Unfortunately, no one knew that this particular pigeon had quite a temper . The bird turned its head away from him, refusing to release the box from its beak .

In his anxiety, he moved to snatch the box from the bird but ended up receiving a peck from the proud pigeon!

“Wah—” His face puffed in anger . “This pigeon must’ve been conjured by Youyou!”

The younger twin got unjustly implicated even when he had done nothing at all .

The older one attempted to retrieve the box once more, but he got pecked by the pigeon on his fleshy, little hand again .

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The aggrieved-looking boy sullenly pouted his lips . “Even a pigeon dares to bully me . ”


That comical scene sent everyone laughing to no end .

Even his mother could no longer preserve her demure image as she sniggered behind her sleeve .

“Moron . ”

“Moron,” muttered Youyou under his breath . He then ran to the stage and flicked his brother on the forehead . “How stupid! You couldn’t even handle a tiny pigeon . ”

The older boy felt even more aggrieved than before .

The script was not written this way at all!