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Chapter 1807: 1807

When Little Yichen learned about this, he wanted a part in it as well . He enthusiastically took out his secret stash of money and declared that he would choose the rings with Youyou .

Therefore, the two children had started choosing from an earlier date .

Mu Yazhe was as surprised as he was curious . He asked the two lads exactly what kind of ring design they had chosen .

When he asked, the twins acted mysteriously by saying that it was a surprise to be revealed during the engagement ceremony!

When the man took the box from the boy’s hand and opened it, everyone was stunned by the objects’ resplendence!

With brilliant rays that could streak across the horizon, a set of pink diamonds as big as a pigeon egg entered everybody’s sight .

It was a pair of engagement rings . The female ring was a two-carat pink diamond set on a rose-gold band . The design was exceptionally unique, and the craftsmanship was of the same caliber as God’s work . The ring cuts of a hundred twenty were to the extent that the crowd could see its luster even from far away!

It was not to say that the bigger the diamond, the better, but they had to praise Youyou’s taste!

Even though the diamond was just two carats, its clarity, color, and cut were of the finest!

As for the man’s engagement ring, it was equally expensive but with a more reserved design as only a few decorations adorned it . It was the same rose-gold band, just with minimal design . Through and through, it was rather novel!

The diamond on the male ring was set on the reverse side . On the inner side of it was a 0 . 5-carat diamond .

There was a special saying for this .

It meant that his love for her would always be heartfelt and wholehearted .

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Generally speaking, engagement rings were only prepared for women .

The boy, though, reckoned that, since it was an engagement, his daddy and mommy needed one!

Therefore, he also picked one for his father .

The man raised an eyebrow but kept his smile!

It was obvious that both lads had expended a lot of effort in picking such a unique gift for them!

He smiled at his sons, moved by their gesture . Thereafter, under everyone’s eyes, he raised Yun Shishi’s hand and slowly placed the beautiful ring on her ring finger!

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It was a silent yet dignified proclamation from him that she was his!

This woman was officially his fiancée from here on!

With everyone as their witness .

The woman raised her hand gently and took in the sight of the extremely stunning ring glittering brightly!

She smiled . Likewise, she lifted her man’s hand, took the band, and placed it on his ring finger!

From this moment on, he was officially her fiancé!

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When she thought about this, tumultuous, complex emotions flooded her, but most of all, she was happy and moved!

“Give a small kiss! Give a small kiss!”


The guests were swept up by the sweet and warm atmosphere as they began cheering and egging the couple on!

The woman looked at the man shyly, her lips pursed into a smile . She was feeling feverish from this sweet moment and could only keep smiling foolishly!