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Chapter 1804: 1804

“Alright… Good girl, there’s no need to be nervous . ” He cooed at her as he gently patted the back of her hand reassuringly and encouragingly . The man seemed to be telling her, ‘Don’t be nervous; I’ll be around!’

Yun Shishi looked up and exchanged a glance with him before taking a deep breath, which somewhat alleviated her tension .

In the blink of an eye, Mu Yazhe was upon her . The guests then successively got to their feet and applauded for them . Standing at the side was his group of buddies apparently in a frenzy as they hooted at the couple .

The man turned around slightly and put a finger to his lips as an indication for the guests to be silent .

Everyone instantly fell hush .

He turned to face the woman with a deep and gentle gaze; his thin lips then parted slightly . “Do you know? Just for this moment, I’ve waited for twenty-eight years . ”

The stunned woman stared at him in disbelief .

Gong Jie silently watched the man with a slight curve outlining his lips .

The groom-to-be’s thin lips lifted into a mesmerizing arch as he gently posed another question to her . “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Despite her pursed lips, she nodded . Her eyes showed some warmth . “Yes, I do . ”

She had always believed that it was fate’s arrangement for two people to fall in love even at first sight .

“I didn’t believe it before,” he said, “but when I met you that day, I had a hunch that you belong with me, and fortunately, our encounter wasn’t too late; I wasn’t late . ”

She was breathlessly surprised .

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He rarely said sweet stuff to her, but today, right in front of everyone, he actually said such heart-racing sweet words to her . Her face instantly flushed and her eyes moistened a little from her emotional state .

He slowly said, “Thank you for making me believe in fate . ”

With that, he passed her the bouquet in his hand .

She shyly received it from him, and in the next second, he passionately held her shoulders and delivered a tender kiss on her soft, cherry lips .

Below the stage, the guests were moved into applauding for them . Some even got so emotional that their eyes wetted, too .

The most unforgettable love may not be encountered during one’s beautiful youth; rather, it could be found in the daily life spent with one’s loved one .

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Love was most beautiful when it lasted to the end .

Right then, Gong Jie discreetly pulled out his arm from hers and left the stage . From the side, he quietly watched this tender scene play on stage with gradually darkening eyes .

Just for this moment, he put aside all his feuds and grudges to give his blessings sincerely to his most beloved person!

Sis will be happy!

As long as she’s happy, I won’t regret this decision at all!

After the short display of affection, Lu Jinyu walked up the stage and mysteriously said to the guests, “Let us invite our distinguished little guest to perform a special show for everyone!”

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Little Yichen went up the stage and floated to the center of it . Standing between his parents, he suddenly flashed a kid-sized magic wand at everyone .

“Next, I’m going to perform a magic trick for everyone!”

“What magic trick is that?” The man’s confidante acted all mysterious from the side .

The boy put on a proud look, which he learned from his twin and snorted . “You’ll know once I perform the trick!”

The guests roared with laughter at that . Everyone found this mature, little lad simply adorable!

To think he still acted all secretively!

As such, everyone’s interest got piqued as each wondered about his upcoming magic trick .