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Published at 19th of August 2020 11:35:09 PM
Chapter 1803

The older one whispered, “From his getup, I’m guessing that he is rich and most likely a bigshot, too . ”

The younger woman was a little green-eyed, such that even the way she looked at her cousin had somewhat changed!

There could be no comparison made between people, indeed .

She envied her good fortune .

At first, she was jealous over her opportunity to attend college, her high educational attainment, her birthplace in the city, and her carefree life like a rich missy .

However, the moment she met her cousin’s fiancé, she started complaining about her good luck at having met such a great man with an extraordinary, noble, and proud background . Even his looks were exceedingly handsome .

She just could not figure it out!

Why were all the good things encountered by her cousin?

Her cousin, to Yun Qinli, was just like a princess who was spoiled and showered with love by God; as a corollary, she did not have to worry about life at all .

Still, it was only now at the engagement that she felt truly defeated!

She could no longer repress the sense of defeat within her . Unable to reconcile with her fate, she felt even more twisted than ever and bit her lower lip flap hard as she stared at Yun Shishi’s and Gong Jie’s backs .

Under the crowd’s expectant gazes, the young chap walked his sister through the arbor with their arms interlocked . His footsteps halted and he smilingly stood in place .

Lu Jinyu, in formal wear, then entered the venue and took centerstage . Tasked to host his chief’s engagement ceremony, he naturally felt honored . He had repeatedly polished and refined his script until the man was satisfied with it and awarded him the emcee spot .

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Emotionally stirring opening statements, which tended to be used in weddings, could seem rather pretentious and fake if they were overly done .

As for his case, when he picked up the microphone, his concise and humorous opening livened up the atmosphere and guests’ moods .

Being the presider of every Shengyu board meeting, he naturally was neither coward nor meek, but having assumed this role at the last minute, he inevitably felt slightly jittery!

After all, unlike in the past, he was doing the opening for his chief’s engagement ceremony . He would be lying if he said that he was not nervous!

His boss would surely not spare him if he messed up . Forget about deducting his bonus, he would most likely have to cough up his marriage savings, too .

Hence, he paid utmost attention to this .

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Once on stage, he quickly adjusted to the jovial and warm atmosphere and then excitedly recited the script he had memorized through the night in a steady and smooth manner .

Yun Shishi had an arm hooked through her brother’s elbow . Throughout, she wore a gentle and infectious smile that others could not help feeling hearty about .

The atmosphere gradually livened up .

Lu Jinyu then smilingly announced, “Next, it’s time for our distinguished guests to witness this sacred moment of the couple! Our groom-to-be, please make your entrance!”

The melodious wedding march pervaded the air at that poignant moment .

Under the bride-to-be’s smiling gaze, Mu Yazhe slowly approached her with a bouquet in his hand and a group of pageboys and flower girls on his heels .

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Right at this moment, a surge of tension gripped her heart . It got so bad that even her brother felt her stiffen in his arm .

“Xiao Jie… what am I to do? I’m feeling a little nervous…” She confided this to him with a flushed face and harried breath .

Her reaction, however, amused him . “What are you getting nervous for? Are you afraid that your groom-to-be will run away from this engagement?”

She could not help being tickled and exasperated by his response . A chuckle escaped her lips . “Other than you, no one else would ever coax someone this way!”