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Published at 19th of August 2020 02:25:05 AM
Chapter 1802: 1802

When Yun Shishi appeared before the guests all in her gown, all were deeply awed by her beauty!


She’s gorgeous!

On their way here, many of them had a hazy impression of the fiancée for this engagement .

Now that they were finally seeing her with their eyes, they were deeply impressed by her stunning appearance!

Perhaps, in the strictest sense, she might not be the most beautiful bride-to-be they had ever seen, but she was definitely the classiest one of all .

Some people were beautiful on the surface, but that beauty was soulless—empty on the inside—just like a porcelain doll!

Her beauty, on the other hand, was not confined only to the surface . It ran deep within her and shone from the inside!

Her expensive gown was akin to a blooming rose with its exquisite design sans mentioning the priceless gems adorning her body . Simply put, her getup only enhanced her extraordinary beauty further .

The entire place, because of her, turned dreamy like nirvana!

Everyone marveled at her beauty!

Even from afar, someone had noticed that dazzling blood diamond hidden in the corsage on her hand!

“See that diamond on the bride-to-be’s hand? How beautiful it is! Its blood-red color is simply mesmerizing!”

“That’s a blood diamond, and it’s extremely rare! One carat already costs a bomb as it’s such hard to come by . That little thing is a priceless gem!”

“Blood diamond is the best of all diamonds! Judging by its size, I bet that it’s about three carats! It has such fine craftsmanship, too! It appears that the original diamond was much bigger than it! How extravagant!”

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Someone with keen eyes had actually managed to guess the size of the diamond with one look .

The Yun sisters were also shocked by their cousin’s exorbitant outfit .

They initially scoffed at her gown!

They thought, Rich families are different, indeed! Putting aside her gown, just an accessory alone is enough to blind us from its dazzle!

Despite the envy they felt for their cousin’s fortune, it remained an unattainable and elusive dream to them!

Still, when they noticed the corsage on her wrist, their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets!

They might not know the true value of the blood diamond, but its sparkle was too blinding and enchanting .

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Which girl did not like diamonds, after all?

Diamonds were irresistible existences to them .

Alas, who could be so lucky like Yun Shishi to be showered with love?

Hence, most people could only sigh in envy .

Upon seeing that the bride-to-be had her arm hooked through an unfamiliar man’s elbow, Yun Qingmiao’s eyes widened in surprise .

“Qinli, look at that man beside our cousin! He’s really gorgeous! He looks so much better than those celebrities seen on TV!”

“I don’t think so! I think our brother-in-law looks way better than him!” Despite the young sibling saying so, she still gazed at the man with adoration .

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“Brother Mu is already taken, so it’s best for you not to pin any hopes on him . ”

“This one looks quite similar to Shishi!” Xiang Yu suddenly chimed in .

Her older daughter responded with a surprised ‘eh’ before carefully examining the pair on the red carpet . Indeed, the man resembled their female relative a lot .

It was just that she had never heard of such a person in their cousin’s life before!

Her younger sibling then said, “I’ll go find out who he is later!”