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Published at 18th of August 2020 10:30:13 PM
Chapter 1800

Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile endeavor to dig up the man’s identity!

Lu Jingyu sneaked another peep at Gong Jie and happened to catch sight of the emblem on the latter’s trench coat sleeve . He was taken aback momentarily .

That emblem was too familiar to ignore!

Hurricane Group?

His face had already lit up with fresh realization by the time he regained his composure .

Hurricane Group—isn’t it the most fearsome firearms syndicate in the world?!

The family managing it was so strong and powerful that the world would tremble under their feet . Their influence could not be underestimated .

The power of the Mu Group undeniably had a global effect . As for Hurricane Group, it would be apt to say that a sneeze from it could send the global financial market into an early winter season .

That international organization’s power was different from theirs .

That huge family controlled the global war zones . Their factories produced seventy percent of the world’s armament, which was used in waging wars .

Every move from the Gongs affected the outcome on battlefields .

The wars across the world started and ended with this family .

The financial market might fall into crisis, but wars would never end .

Thus, it must be noted that that organization’s power and influence was continuously growing . It was a daunting family, indeed .

These thoughts only befuddled the man’s mind!

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The brother of his sister-in-law was actually from that international firearms org!

What’s his identity, then?

From his way of moving and talking, he appears to be holding a relatively high position within that syndicate!

Is he perhaps a member of the Gongs?

Jiang Shen whispered, “Hey, is that man… from Hurricane Group?”

He replied stiffly, “By the looks of it, that’s probably the case, and he’s likely a core member of that family, too!”

“Our sis-in-law has such a strong and powerful background, huh… Isn’t that pretty scary?!”

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“Something is off here, still . Sis-in-law doesn’t seem to know her brother’s identity!”

“Poor chief . He reckoned he’d married an innocent little bunny, only to find a pride of lions behind it!”

Lu Jinyu uttered a silent prayer for his boss before commenting, “If sis-in-law is a member of the Gongs, then it truly won’t be easy to tackle her family!”

Likewise, Jiang Shen also muttered a prayer inside his heart for Mu Yazhe .

For one second, he really felt sorry for his brother-in-arms .

The man glanced at them frostily, and wondering what the two fellows’ thoughts were, he shot them a warning glare .

Both men cleared their throats awkwardly with telepathic synchronicity .

Yun Yecheng said to his daughter, “It’s getting late! Since everyone is here now, let us start the ceremony!”

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Saying that, he walked up to hold her hand .

Gong Jie quickly chimed in politely, “Uncle, there’s something I want to discuss with you . ”

His courtesy seemed to unnerve the old man, so the latter questioned back in an equally courteous manner . “What is it?”

The young chap cast a quick glance onto his sister before giving a gentle smile as he asked, “For today’s engagement, can I lead my sister into the ceremony, instead?”


The man quickly put his hands together in a prayer-like pose as he pleaded earnestly, “Please, please, please! Pretty please? This is a wish I’ve held for the last decade and a half . I really hope that you can grant it to me . ”

The reason he had gone all out to rush here—even to the extent of putting himself in danger—was in hopes of personally leading his sister in this most important occasion in her life .

This was his sincerest wish .

The woman looked visibly touched by his words .