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Chapter 1799: 1799

The young man turned his head and saw an elderly person dressed in a suit . He was momentarily stunned by his sister’s introduction .


Suddenly, he came to his senses . When she said father, she was probably referring to her adoptive father!

His sister continued . “When I was nine and staying at the welfare center, it was him who had adopted me! Though he’s my adoptive father, he’s always regarded me as his, and while I’m no biological daughter of his, he hasn’t neglected me in providing for me! In my heart, he is my father, so you should call him uncle!”

When he heard this, he nodded swiftly . Whatever she said was as it was . Following her wishes, he obediently greeted the elderly man docilely . “Hello, uncle!”

He was used to being at the top . Apart from his father, he had never lowered his head to anyone .

This ordinary man before him was different, though .

He was his sister’s adoptive father, and she said that he had treated her all these years as if she were his biological daughter . As long as the person treated his sister well, he would be filled with endless gratitude!

After all, instead of leaving her homeless and miserable, this man had been a father-figure to his sister and had consistently cared for her!

Due to that, this old man gained the young chap’s approval!

Calling the former ‘uncle’ was a sincere gesture of acknowledgment by the latter .

Mu Yazhe stood silently at the side .

Gong Jie may come across as haughty, but he was akin to a spirited leopard . While the guy considered himself unexcelled in the world, in front of his sister, he was as obedient, meek, and adorable as a little lamb .

This contrast… was extreme .

Youyou’s lips twitched harshly at that .

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This uncle of his had a classic sister-complex, indeed!

Whatever his mommy said was taken as it was without contest . He was extremely docile .

The boy was really unused to it .

As he thought back on the man’s usual, domineering and cruel style and compared to this man before him who was like a little lamb… the little lad was thrown into disarray .

Little Yichen commented in a subdued voice from the side, “That person looks just like mommy!”

“You should call him uncle!” was the younger kid’s reply to that .


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The older one did not understand . “Why?”

“Idiot! That’s because he is mommy’s little brother . ”

“Mommy has a brother?”

“They are even twins!”

“Twin?! Isn’t that like us!” the older twin exclaimed . “He looks rather handsome!”

“Hmph! It can’t be helped that they have good genes!”

Yun Yecheng looked at the young chap and smiled courteously in acknowledgment . He then rubbed his hands together rather uneasily as he looked at his daughter inquiringly .

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“Shishi, this is…”

“Dad, this is my younger brother! When we were nine, we got separated due to a car crash! We had no contact for fifteen years, but the heavens were kind and we got to meet again . ”

The woman was filled with joy as she answered her father’s question .

She had not had the chance to introduce her father to her brother because she was worried that he would not acknowledge the other, but it turned out that her worries were redundant!

When the old man heard that, he said happily, “Oh, great! Great! This proves that the fate between you two is destined! Still… that car crash you’re talking about, is it…”

She commented wistfully, “I’ll explain it to you at a later time . It’s complicated, dad . ”

As he witnessed this, Lu Jinyu finally understood everything . He, with his hawk-like eyes, had prepared some security to keep this place in check . It appeared that this had all been just a misunderstanding .