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Published at 18th of August 2020 10:30:08 PM
Chapter 1801: 1801

The young man then turned to ask the woman . “Sis, can I do that? I want to lead you down the path for this engagement!”

“You can, of course!”

The old man agreed as well . “Alright! It’s no problem . You are her brother, after all, and her desire is also to have you lead her in this important ceremony today . I’m happy to see that you’re able to do so!”

“Thank you, uncle!”

A beam spread across his face like a child .

Suddenly, the man recalled something . He hastily took out a walkie-talkie and commanded, “Dismiss the aircraft and make sure that no one disrupts this event . Everyone is to be on standby aboard the vessel . No action is permitted sans my order . ”

“Understood, commander!”

He kept the walkie-talkie, gently held her sister’s soft and tender hand, and gave her a brilliant smile . “Sis, let’s go!”


This was how he walked her slowly on the red carpet .

Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen hurried back to their posts in this ceremony, too .

A solemn symphony sounded for Gong Jie and Yun Shishi to take their places at the red carpet . All the guests stood up simultaneously and looked in their direction . Their eyes were full of anticipation and well wishes as they gazed at the fiancée for this occasion .

Youyou and Little Yichen, who were at their mother’s rear, walked up, quietly lifted her gown’s hem, which was touching the floor, and stretched it out as they trailed after her obediently .

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The adorable flower girls lined both sides of the path . Dressed in pink frocks, they looked like actual cherubs with the angel wings attached to their backs . Upon seeing the fiancée, they joined the procession with their flower baskets full of fresh rose petals .

These cute lolitas had gone through rehearsals prior to the ceremony . Hence, upon the woman’s entry, they started taking handfuls of the flower petals in their baskets and throwing them in her direction, just above her head .

Some of these girls were of European-descent and looked especially adorable with their sparkling, deep-set, blue eyes and golden hair . A few of those with black hair and amber eyes were the guests’ children . After a makeover, they looked beautiful, too .

Right now, these little ones were distracted by the two boys following behind the woman . They flocked to them and asked innocently, “What’s your name?”

The younger lad pouted and turned his face away haughtily as he refused to acknowledge their presence .

The flower girls did not give up easily and, while sprinkling flower petals in the woman’s direction, ran over to the other side where he had turned his face to and asked, “Can we be friends?”

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The boy still refused to talk to them .

The same could not be said about his older brother, though . The boy liked making friends with girls; hence, he replied on his younger sibling’s behalf . “His name is Youyou . ”

The other glared at him . “Why did you betray me?”

“Silly brother, how could you heartlessly reject such adorable girls?” Little Yichen lectured him seriously . “Mommy taught us to be gentle with girls!”

The younger lad: “…”

The guests were thoroughly tickled by the kids’ innocent conversation, especially when the older one lectured the younger one seriously on needing to treat girls with gentleness .

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“Those two lads are really adorable!”

“I agree! They’re so smart-looking . The suits make them look like elegant gentlemen!”

“Eh! I’m so envious! It’d be a life well-lived if I could’ve two adorable children like them!”