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Chapter 1798: 1798


This meant that they were brother and sister!

Jiang Shen was befuddled . He suddenly cleared his throat, breaking up the conversation as he pointed at the helicopter in the sky where a valiant soldier stood near the helicopter’s exit, scattering flower petals painstakingly like a celestial maiden, and asked quietly, “Whose aircraft is that?”

“It’s mine,” bluntly confessed Gong Jie .


He kept silent for a moment; suddenly, a thought hit him, and he asked in a hushed voice, “Does this mean that the armed cargo vessel, which forced its way through the blockade and is currently docked at the port, belongs to you, too?”

“Y-Yes, that’s mine as well…” The other man began to break out in a cold sweat as he was hit by a pang of guilt and refuted thick-facedly . “But what do you mean ‘an armed cargo vessel’? It’s just an ordinary cruise ship; don’t spout nonsense . ”

“An ordinary cruise ship?”

Mu Yazhe’s confidante narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he sized up the brother of his boss’ woman .


Did this guy think he was a retard? How could he not tell the difference between a cruise ship and an armed cargo vessel?!

Moreover, who would fill a cruise ship to the brim with hundreds of containers full of firearms and ammunition?

Forcing their way through the secured sea route and the style of anchoring could not have been done by an ordinary cruise ship, either!


Who had ever seen a cruise ship equipped with a long-distance missile and a large-scale cannon?

Did anyone see such a thing before?

Did anyone?!

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This guy was just lying right in their faces!

Jiang Shen: “Sis-in-law, is your brother—”

A arms dealer?

The person in question snorted coldly and interrupted, “It’s my sister’s engagement today, and that’s why I traveled thousands of miles to come here . ”

“Xiao Jie, is that cruise ship yours?” asked his sister suspiciously .

He was stunned before he confessed, “It’s mine . ”

“What exactly do you do for a living?” probed Yun Shishi .

“I’m a businessman . I have several ships for transporting goods . ”

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The subordinate present let out a snort inwardly .

He was a businessman, definitely .

There was nothing wrong with that statement, but he was certainly not someone scrupulous!

When the twins arrived, they saw someone standing next to their mother in his trendy trench coat . Youyou’s eyes twitched harshly and his heart skipped a beat .

Why was this guy here?!

How did he come in?

Suddenly, he recalled hearing that an armed cargo vessel had forced its way through this island’s boundary and was now moored at the harbor . Could it be… that it was his uncle’s doing?!

The boy facepalmed in exasperation . Could this uncle of his not do things so ostentatiously?

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Hearing the commotion, the elderly Yun siblings stepped out at this point . According to the process, the fiancée’s father should walk her hand in hand to Mu Yazhe’s side .

It was because of this that he had specially bought a smart suit . Even though he had visibly aged ahead of his time due to the many years of hardships he had gone through, he was still adamant on looking decent for this special occasion .

However, when he saw his daughter standing next to a familiar stranger as he walked out, he was at a loss .

The reason the person was a stranger was that he had neither seen nor met him before and the person was familiar because of how similar the guy looked to his daughter . Especially their eyes, they appeared to be cast in the same mold .

This is…

When the woman saw her adoptive father, she immediately hugged her brother’s arm and introduced the two . “Xiao Jie, this is my father . ”