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Published at 17th of August 2020 11:15:09 PM
Chapter 1797

Yun Shishi chuckled with amusement . “With a clown like you backing me, your brother-in-law surely won’t dare bully me . Still, it’s too much of an exaggeration to say that you want to flatten his commercial empire! Though I know you’re only joking, your brother-in-law doesn’t know that and might mistake you for a terrorist!”

The corners of Gong Jie’s lips twitched violently as a pang of guilt hit him .

It was true, though .

He started panicking inwardly .

My dearest sis, how did you find out that your brother is a terrorist?!

Is there really such a thing as telepathy?!

He immediately dispelled those thoughts .

She must be joking!

With his identity so well-kept, how could she possibly find out about it?

Furthermore, he could not be deemed as a terrorist in the strictest sense .

He was merely slightly more capable than terrorists and was of a higher class than the rest .

It could be said that if Hurricane Group cut off the bulk shipment of firearms to the Middle East, a large part of the world’s terrorists would be able to rest at home and do nothing!

As the one controlling the world’s weaponry, how could the mere terrorists possibly be comparable to such a huge organization?

He then acted coy as he changed the topic at once . “What is this? How could a sister say that her brother is a terrorist? I’m hurt by your words . ”

She gave him a resigned smile . “Well, who asked you to make such a threat like a terrorist?”


He broke out in a cold sweat .

He was used to speaking that way and could not change it abruptly .

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Sis is being biased here…

She’s obviously defending her husband!

How aggrieved he felt?!

He shot Mu Yazhe a furious glare .

Feeling the murderous stare, the latter looked back and met the former’s eyes which were filled with loathing .

The two men again engaged in another stare down which produced electromagnetic sparks .

Glancing at his brother-in-law, the man smiled . “Don’t worry; I know that brother-in-law is only joking . He’s just afraid that you’ll suffer from any grievance, so he said such words . I won’t take it seriously!”

Despite saying that, he could not help silently feeling curious!

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The young man before him actually dared to make such an arrogant threat to him .

He really wanted to know what methods and capabilities Gong Jie possessed to crush the Mu Group overnight!

He knew of this capable man’s identity and that he came from the largest arms group in the world, but his commercial empire could not easily be flattened overnight, nonetheless .

Did he think that the Mu Group could be trifled with easily and crumble at once under his attack?

The spectators, Jiang Shen and Lu Jinyu, were lost in the conversation . They exchanged puzzled glances, not knowing what was going on now .



They were totally confused .

What’s going on here now?

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The latter volleyed his gaze from Yun Shishi to Gong Jie for the umpteenth time . Being more observant than his buddy, he soon discovered the similarities in their appearance . Only then did he figure out the relationship of the two .

Biological siblings?!

He pointed at Gong Jie in surprise . “This man who appeared in such a flashy way… is your brother?”

An awkward smile hung on the woman’s face . “Yes… He’s my younger brother . What about it?”

“Both of you look awfully alike . ”

She explained, “We’re twins, so it’s normal for us to look alike . ”