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Published at 17th of August 2020 11:15:11 PM
Chapter 1796

He only heard that bit about flattening the Mu Group . Those resonant words were so powerfully uttered that he heard them loud and clear!

A question could not help popping in his head .

Who is this guy?!

He’s so arrogant!

Flatten the Mu Group?!

What gave him the courage to threaten our chief?!

Is he here to disrupt this engagement?!

With a cold face, Jiang Shen approached them but got stopped by his boss .


He was puzzled, not knowing why the latter had stopped him .

Even Lu Jinyu, who had rushed over at the scene as well, was surprised to see this . Though he did not hear Gong Jie’s provocative words, just by looking at his unfriendly stance, he knew that the intruder boded ill-will!

Mu Yazhe’s face darkened slightly, but he remained mum .

Gong Jie stared fixedly and aggressively at him like a lion protecting its pride’s happiness .

Sure, she could marry this man!

He was willing to trust his sister’s judgment and decision . As her brother, he had no right to interfere in her affairs even though he was worried!

His only bottom line was that she must be happy; this must not be crossed no matter what!

Protecting her happiness was his principle .

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This was just like how Youyou had once questioned his father . ‘What’s the reason behind one’s decision to become more powerful?’

His answer was the same as his nephew, and that was protecting his loved ones .

Yun Shishi was his most beloved person, so he was naturally duty-bound to safeguard her happiness!

He silently scrutinized the man as he awaited a response from this brother-in-law of his!

After what seemed like a century of still silence, the latter suddenly smirked . “Flatten the Mu Group?”

He merely raised a brow at that . The raging emotions in his eyes, though, spoke volumes of his warning to the man . If he could say such words, it meant that he could deliver!

There was not much expression on Mu Yazhe’s face except for a slight regretful look . “I’m sorry, but I think you won’t get the chance to do so!”

With that, his lips tugged up in a conceited smirk .

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Since he was determined to marry her, he would then spoil her for life .

For richer and for poorer, as well as in sickness and in health .

Likewise, cherishing this woman was his bottom line as her husband!

“I don’t need you to remind me of this . ”

Hearing that, Gong Jie smiled and raised a brow . He was obviously very satisfied with the response he got .

“That’d better be!”

Yun Shishi looked at them out of her curiosity, but it was just too bad that she could not see clearly their silent confrontation .

Her brother turned toward her and smiled before he very naturally hooked an arm around the other man’s shoulders . “I was just having a friendly chat with my brother-in-law . ”

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Mu Yazhe: “…”

Cordial and friendly?

Saying words like ‘flattening the Mu Group’ was friendly?

The corners of his eyes twitched for a bit .

The woman was apparently unconvinced as well, for she asked askance, “You looked aggressive earlier, though . ”

He frankly owned up to it . “Yup! I was threatening my dearest brother-in-law earlier; if he mistreats you, I’ll flatten his Mu Group . ”

His reply stunned her for a bit . Thinking that it was merely a joke, she immediately told him, “Xiao Jie, enough with the jokes!”

Feeling aggrieved, he pouted at her . “I’m not kidding, sis! I’m just worried that you’ll be bullied once you get married to him, so I’m giving brother-in-law a warning now . ”