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Published at 16th of August 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 1795: 1795
Chapter 1795: Call me ‘brother-in-law’ . (2)

“Uh-oh . I’m sorry, but you’ve guessed wrongly!”

Gong Jie plastered a regretful look on his face as he shook a finger at him .

Amid Mu Yazhe’s bafflement, he saw the other man drape his woman arm around his woman’s shoulders before mischievously declaring, “Today, I didn’t come to represent the arms group; rather, I’m here to attend this engagement as Shishi’s brother!”

The corners of his eyes twitched hard .

He then heard him continue in a leisure tone . “Oh, my! Thinking about it now, you should, in fact, call me… ‘brother-in-law’, shouldn’t you?”

The woman chortled at that .

His countenance turned even queerer than before!

Who could expect that the person, who had always been in conflict with him, would actually smile at him right this moment and ask to be addressed as ‘brother-in-law’?!

Even though he had his suspicions about the guy’s relationship with his woman, he was still caught off guard by this revelation!

If not for the difference in outfits, height, and style, it would not be farfetched to distinguish one from the other just based on their identical looks .

Nonetheless, the guy’s request to be called ‘brother-in-law’ had left him flummoxed .

Yun Shishi helplessly chimed in . “Xiao Jie, you—”

“Sis, I’m not wrong here!” Her brother pouted at her . “I’m your little brother; with that title, shouldn’t he be calling me brother-in-law?”

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She raised her hands in defeat and compromised . “Okay, okay! You’re right . He oughta call you ‘brother-in-law’!”

The guy wore an I-told-you-so look as he arrogantly lifted his chin at him in some sort of provocation while grinning . “Since my sis has said so, shouldn’t you be calling me ‘brother-in-law’ now?”

“Sure!” He gave him a graceful smile in return and then raised a provocative brow at him . “But before that, shouldn’t you be addressing me as ‘brother-in-law’, too?”

Right after he finished speaking, the other man greeted him while grinning . “Brother-in-law!”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Gong Jie darkly chuckled inwardly .

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It was no tough matter for him to call the other man ‘brother-in-law’!

He had come mentally prepared, after all!

Even though he knew full well of the background of this man, who had the blood of the person he abhorred the most flowing through him, he was willing to set aside his enmity with him and face him calmly for the sake of his sister—at least, for this special occasion .

The other gritted his teeth and reluctantly snorted . “Brother-in-law!”


Alas, the younger man seemed to be deliberately making things difficult for him because he scoffed . “Bro-in-law appears reluctant to acknowledge me, huh?”

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Mu Yazhe: “You…”

“It doesn’t matter in any case as that isn’t the purpose of my visit . ”

His woman’s brother halted in speaking for a second before suddenly releasing her shoulders to walk toward him .

Only when he was standing right in front of him did he stop advancing forward . With both possessing matching, towering heights and kingly presences, the two were neck-to-neck in their on-going stare down!

He locked his cold gaze on his sister’s husband, and in a voice so low that the woman could not hear clearly, he growled, “I’m here to warn you: If you dare bully my sister and let her suffer a bit of grievance, I will be sure to flatten the Mu Group!”

Knowing that there was a sudden situation at the venue of the engagement ceremony, Jiang Shen rushed over and keenly caught the threat in the intruder’s words upon arrival . Color instantly drained from his face after his initial shock!