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Published at 15th of August 2020 10:35:09 PM
Chapter 1791

All routes to the island were closed, and he had to pay a rather hefty price to fight his way through until he reached the port .

While his vessel closed in on the island’s port, the security placed there tried to stop him from landing, and when he finally got off the cargo ship, he was met with resistance again .

Honestly, he did not take to heart the security personnel guarding this place .

His mercenary team was formidable, and within minutes, cleared a way for him to pass through .

However, today was his sister’s happiest day, and he did not want to cause a commotion or, worse, create a bloodbath; hence, he, instead, rushed to the venue onboard the helicopter they had on the vessel .

He was so glad that he was not late for the ceremony!

He managed to arrive at the most critical moment .

He had struggled long and hard over this decision to attend her engagement .

He wanted to come, but it was impossible for him to put the feud between the two families behind him .

If he chose not to come, he would miss the most important day in his sister’s life .

There was no way he would want to miss that . After all, he had already missed a decade and a half of their lives on Earth . How many more years could he afford to miss?

Also, if he did not come, his sister would be very sad and hurt… would she not?

Since young, he considered himself to be a man without fears . Even though his father was authoritative and stern, he regarded him with utmost respect, yet he was not in the least fearful of him!

The only thing he was afraid of was his sister’s tears!

He could not bear to see her sad and disappointed!

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In the end, he decided to come .

He put down all his hatred and anger to appear in this place, all for the simple reason of giving her his blessings on this important occasion .

His back was ramrod straight, with one hand inside his pants’ pocket . His trench coat, which was fluttering wildly in the wind, seemed to elongate and bend his shadow!

Mu Yazhe squinted his eyes at this young chap suspiciously . Sizing him up furtively, his gaze froze on an emblem at the side of the latter’s trench coat .

It was an emblem that belonged to Hurricane Group .

Though he could not identify this young man before him, he could instantly recognize that emblem .

Hurricane Group?!

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His mind went blank for a few seconds . When his eyes fell on the young man’s face again, something seemed to click inside his head!

He only made a sweeping glance at his countenance at first, but this time around, he studied it more carefully and was stunned by what he saw!

This chap had an extraordinarily beautiful face .

It might be inappropriate to use the word ‘beautiful’ to describe a man, but this was very appropriate when it came to Gong Jie .

His deep-set eyes were especially alluring on his fair skin . The thick, long, and curly eyelashes complemented his pensive orbs, which were simply devilish and charming .

His thin lips held a natural arc, making him look frivolous and defiant even when he was not smiling!

With his trench coat and his devilish good looks, which complemented his silvery-white crop, the young man looked sharp, lethal, and charismatic .

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In fact, his facial features closely resembled Yun Shishi’s in every way .

If not for his carefree look, it would be difficult to tell the two apart!

They look so alike!

Thus, he could not help wondering about the identity of this chap before him now!

On his end, the young man did not seem the least bit bothered by his scrutiny as he walked toward the woman .