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Chapter 1790: 1790

Mu Yazhe’s eyes glinted at this man’s invasive stance, his defensiveness heightening .

In contrast, the woman stifled a gasp when she saw that handsome face . For a while, she could not speak!

Gong Jie stood at the exit to the aircraft; his military trench coat fluttering in the wind . His snow-white army boots complemented his entire outfit as his silvery-white hair flapped about on his well-chiseled face .

The aircraft descended slowly and sent billows of strong wind across .

The guests either froze in place in their shock or gathered about brimming with curiosity; their heads looked up at the figure who seemed to have descended from above!

“Who is he?”

“Oh, gosh . Isn’t that a military helicopter? Where did that guy come from?”

“Who exactly is he? He’s so good-looking!”

“What a beautiful man! Look at his eyes; they’re so mesmerizing!”

Wide-eyed, Yun Shishi stared incredulously at the descending helicopter until she got a clear view of that familiar, devilishly good-looking face . She was so overwhelmed that, covering her mouth with her hands, she broke out in tears of joy!

Xiao Jie—

He’s here!

She thought that he would not attend her engagement ceremony!

After all, he had been vocal with her about his deep-seated hatred for the Mus; he would never be able to forget, much less forgive, what that family had done to their mother .

The Mus and Gongs were archenemies . Though he would not oppose her marriage to a Mu descendant, he would also not give his blessings to their union; even more so, he would not attend her engagement party!

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Although her brother did not say it directly, she could pick up the clues from his expression .

She was already prepared not to have him witness this momentous event in her life .

Thus, she truly did not expect to see him here!

Like an angel, he had come from above and appeared before her!


The propeller made a loud churning sound as it swung back and forth furiously .

A suspension ladder was lowered from the exit suddenly, and the young man used it to descend in light and graceful steps . At about three meters away from the ground, he let go, took a suave leap, and landed on steady feet to the ground .

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“Ah—how risky!”

“How could he leap from such a height? It’s so scary!”

Amid the loud exclamations, he stood tall and proud upon landing . He removed the white military barat on his head and looked up, exuding a sense of noble charisma which was dangerous and tyrannical .

His domineering presence crept upon the crowd and made them succumb to his natural, ruler-like demeanor .

He stood quietly on the spot, his eyes falling on to his sister with a start . Soon, a gentle smile could be seen appearing on his face .


I managed to get here in time!

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Having gone to receive a batch of orders, the young chap did not even have the time to offload the firearms before he swiftly changed route to attend her engagement ceremony on this island .

He did all this so that he could make it to his sister’s engagement .

Unfortunately, the vessel hit bad weather on its voyage to the sea and had to dock at a port for some time until the storm subsided .

However, for fear of entirely missing the ceremony after looking at the time, he set sail again without waiting for the storm to abate .

Who could imagine the troubles he would go through just to make sure he arrived in time?