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Published at 15th of August 2020 10:35:06 PM
Chapter 1792: 1792

On his end, the young man did not seem the least bit bothered by his scrutiny as he walked toward the woman .

After he safely landed on the ground, the helicopter slowly rose and hovered thirty meters above them . It was not in a hurry to leave, and instead, it rained flower petals over them .

“Why are there so many rose petals?”

“Wow! Oh, gosh! What a beautiful sight! It feels as if we’re standing below a flower rain!”

This romantic surprise astounded everyone present .

Amid the waves of exclamations and dense petal rain, he smiled and took slow, measured steps toward his sister .

The woman’s heart skipped a beat and then started to pound erratically at his abrupt appearance .

It was only when she saw him clearly standing before her that she regained her composure . She blinked . A line of tears then formed a streak down her face .

Mu Yazhe frowned as he watched her reaction .

His suspicion bleeped in his mind again .

Hence, he did not stop her when she emerged from his shadow and walked toward the young chap!

Gong Jie watched her approach, his eyes fully concentrated on her . At this moment, the world around him seemed to have dimmed, and she was the only color that danced before him . There was only her in his vision!

He stood still in front of her, and then reached out his hand to gently tuck away a bunch of tousled hair on her forehead behind her ear!

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“Sis, sorry I’m late!”

He sounded apologetic; his eyes beamed into an innocent smile that seemed to be petulantly asking for forgiveness!

This was when he caught sight of her damp eyes . Frowning with heartache, he asked helplessly, “Sis… what happened to you?”

Why is she crying?!

She pouted and choked, “I-I thought… I wouldn’t see you today… I thought that you didn’t want to come…”

“Little fool, how could I possibly miss your engagement?”

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“It’s because… you refused to answer my call! When I dialed your number, I was told that you’re outside the coverage area! I thought for sure you’re avoiding me…”

As she spoke, tears flooded her eyes again .

Caught off-guard by her bursting into tears, he desperately tried to stop her from crying further .

His sister had been a cry-baby since young . She might pretend to be strong and heroic before others, but deep down, she had a vulnerable soul .

He listened wryly to her complain about him being out of the service zone .

“Sis, the number you called will cut off all signals automatically once I’m out of the country; I only use a satellite phone when I’m overseas, so…”

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Giving a resigned smile, his brows gave a sharp arch as loving indulgence flooded his eyes . “Look; who’s standing before you now?”

“Xiao Jie…”

“You see? I’m here, am I not? Although I’m a little late, I’m still in time for the most important moment of your life, right?”

As he spoke, he gently scooped her face in his hands and whispered coaxingly, “So, don’t cry, alright? My dear sister, you’re prettiest when you’re smiling! On such an important day and in front of these many people, it’s not good to have snot coming from your nose!”

A handsome man of twenty-four actually tried his best to act cute in front of her and make her laugh . A chortle escaped her mouth right away before she lightly dabbed away the tears in her eyes .