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Chapter 1789: 1789
Chapter 1789: Blessings from Heaven (3)

He eyed the young chap with suspicion; his voice was full of displeasure as he asked, “Haven’t I ordered to seal off the island? How could there be intruders?”

“This has nothing to do with me . I… have people guarding the perimeters, and the sea routes leading here are all secured, so I don’t know how that vessel managed to slip in! I’ve already sent some of our men to stop those intruders, but there’s a conflict as those people are carrying weapons! I’m currently on my way there to check out the situation!”

The man’s face sank as his eyes turned dark and dangerous .

“Did you just say that it’s an armed cargo vessel docked at the port?”


“What other clues do you have?”

The other mulled for a while before replying . “According to the report, that vessel is carrying a heavy load of firearms! From what I know, it belongs to those arms specialists with ready ammunition on board . If not, those unknown men may be pirates who have robbed the firearms in question! So far, we have no evidence of their identity . They are highly skilled and adamant about coming here!”

The man was stunned .

Firearms dealers were merchants or syndicates that dabbled in arms and ammunition business . Normally, such people or groups would transport the goods from the factories to the battlefields via sea to conceal their activities .

The sea route would also be safer and easier to transport large quantities of firearms .

These armed vessels usually had trained mercenaries on board . Although this private island had employed highly qualified security personnel to maintain safety, they would still be at a disadvantage if there was a need to get into a fight with those intruders!

What could possibly be more lethal than a syndicate that dealt with firearms?!

Still, how did an armed vessel manage to slip past their tight security?

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It appeared that those people were formidable!

He quickly issued an order . “Go and have a look . Quickly report to me if something isn’t right!”

“Understood! I’ll head over now . ”

Lu Jinyu quickly dismissed himself and rushed off .

The woman saw the two in an agitated discussion and could not help getting nervous . “What happened?”

“No need to fret; it’s nothing serious . ”

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Just as he completed his statement, a thunderous noise was heard above from an approaching reinforced helicopter .

He looked up abruptly, only to see the aircraft flying toward them from the direction of the port .

All the guests started to get alarmed .

Everyone panicked when they also saw the unidentified aircraft flying close over their heads .

The propeller sent gusts of strong wind in their direction . Like an onslaught from a tsunami, the flora was whipped to one side; even Yun Shishi’s dress bellowed wildly in the wind .

Her husband immediately stood protectively before her; his handsome eyes watched the approaching helicopter warily .

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The aerial vessel slowly lowered itself and the exit opened without warning . A tall and straight figure, wearing a simmering white trench coat, came into view . The trench coat in army fatigue fluttered haphazardly under the strong wind .

With one hand on the door and another holding his cap, the man’s nonchalant mannerism fully expressed his noble and proud aura!

He looked up to reveal his good looks under everyone’s watchful eyes .

Mu Yazhe’s dark orbs glinted at this man’s invasive stance, his defensiveness heightening .