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Published at 14th of August 2020 11:35:11 PM
Chapter 1788

But really…

Just as what he said; she saw everything that was happening around her, and that was the reason for her nervousness .

More than anything, she was anxious with anticipation over the engagement coming up next .

The man took in the woman’s fair and smooth shoulders which appeared so elegant . His eyes then followed the contours downward to her full bosom .

She’s so sexy and attractive!

Her body enticed his vision, urging him to explore further, but he held himself back, knowing full well that this was not the time to do as he pleased!

His ambitious nature was fully visible at this moment as his heart plotted to get on with their wedding as soon as possible following their engagement!

He was eager to make her his totally; her goodness would no longer be available for others to recall and covet .

“I’m really curious on how you decorated the venue!” she exclaimed, full of anticipation . He blinked in mock secrecy at that . “You’ll find out once you’re there! All you need to do is wait quietly for the engagement gift I’ve prepared for you . ”

Her lips curled into a smile as her heart glowed happily . His answer had only increased her expectation .

Soon, the carriage reached the venue .

Just as she was about to alight from the carriage, the man, as if afraid that she might dirty her feet, lifted her off the ground again under everyone’s eager eyes .

She beat him coquettishly on the chest . “Let me down! You are—others will laugh at me!”

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“Well, who dares to laugh at you?” he asked in return .

This only made her even more embarrassed .

Despite his words, he did put her down . His strong, warm hand reached out for hers without hesitation once she steadied herself . She stifled a laughter .  Is this man worried that I might run away?

Still, she was overwhelmed with joy at this thought .

At least, this means that he treasures me a lot; doesn’t it?

She could tell how much she meant to him from his little actions .

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Once the two reached the entrance, confetti popped over their heads and scattered everywhere in the venue as they stepped onto the red carpet . The tender and innocent laughter of the two flower boys standing at their sides soon made way for a romantic ambiance .

Her eyes took in the entire scene .

How lovely!

The arbors made with fresh flowers were especially romantic!

When she watched movies in the past, she used to envy couples receiving blessings from others while standing below these romantic arches!

Her heart sighed happily as she passively allowed him to lead her toward the centerstage .

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Suddenly, the man caught sight of Lu Jinyu appearing at the venue, looking nervous .

The man halted his steps and cocked a brow quizzically at his sworn brother who seemed to have some important news to share with him .

She saw her fiancé stopping and gave him a puzzled look . From his gaze, she could see his trusted aide approaching .

His confidante walked over and mumbled, “Chief, I received a report that an unidentified, armed vessel is docked at our port right now . A few suspicious-looking foreign men just got off it; I’m unsure what’s the situation, but I’m on my way to take a look . ”

This island came equipped with its port for cruise ships to dock if necessary .