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Published at 14th of August 2020 11:35:12 PM
Chapter 1787

She nodded . Her voice was as meek as a buzzing fly when she responded to him . In the next second, the man reached out and swept her off the ground under everyone’s astounded eyes .

 He easily bore her weight as he held her waist .

 He leaned over slightly, and gave her a slow and graceful kiss on her lips . His hoarse voice, as it plastered on her flaming lips, revealed his equally elated state .

 “You’re so beautiful today!”

 Her face burned brighter with delight and embarrassment at his praise .

 No amount of praises could match up to his one statement .

 His loving words now was probably her highest accolade in her love relationship .

 He was a man of few words, and an introvert at heart . His rare praise only got her heart pounding .

 As she clung on her bouquet of flowers, she looked up and stared deep into his pensive orbs . The fire in his eyes today did not conceal his insurmountable love for her .

 He carried her gently toward the horse carriage . His strides were light and agile even with her weight .

 After getting into the carriage, the concierge walked over and closed the door after them . The attendant then drove the carriage toward the ceremony venue .

 Smiling at each other, Youyou and Little Yichen watched the carriage drive off and they, too, got into another carriage to rush over to the venue .

 While inside the horse carriage, she was amazed to see roses lining the two sides of the road . As the carriage rode along in the midst of the fluttering rose petals, she found herself being transported into a fairy tale .

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 “It’s so beautiful!”

 She muttered movingly .

 He had given her so much surprise and happiness today . For someone like him who was typically aloof and proud to spare no efforts undertaking this preparation was especially touching for her .

 She could see that he had pored through every tiny detail to give her this romantic surprise . Putting aside the huge resources required to carry this off, the mere fact that he knew what her dreamlike fairy-tale was and brought it to life was good enough for her!

 She was someone who was easily satisfied . To her, a wedding ceremony could simply follow the norm . What was more important was to be together with the man she loved . The rest did not matter!

 But he had proven his love for her through his action . Loving her meant unreservedly fulfilling her every dream .

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 She was touched, and thankful at the same time!

 Thankful that she had met him . She must have depleted all her good luck by having a chance to meet him, and be together with him .

 He took in the happy smile on her face, and smiled in return!

 The smile between loved ones could be especially powerful and infectious!

 She looked up suddenly . “Mu Yazhe, am I dreaming?”

 “Why do you say that?”

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 “Because… it’s so unbelievable… You’ve done so much for me quietly! I never dared to hope for such a romantic engagement ceremony! I’m afraid this is just a dream and when I wake up, everything’ll be gone; there is nothing left!”

 What she was seeing now only happened in her dreams, back in the past .

 Her worries only got him chuckling .

 He reached out to sweep away the petals on her head, and pinched her nose lightly .

 This was his loving action he usually used on her, and had become the most intimate little action between them now .

 He whispered into her ear . “Little fool, this isn’t a dream . Everything is real here, including me . ”

 She lowered her head for fear of him catching her embarrassed look . She did not want him to find her too coyish .