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Published at 13th of August 2020 10:30:06 PM
Chapter 1786: 1786
Chapter 1786: On-going Happiness (6)

However, with his handsome face and his back turned against the rays, the moment he appeared in front of her, she felt like a young and tender maiden with a fluttering heart!

So dashing!

Especially that hairstyle of his which had been neatly arranged, in the past, his fringe covered just up to his eyebrows . It was neither messy nor disappointing .

Now, his fringe, which was permed for this occasion, covered none of his facial features . Those enchanting eyes, without any blockage, were alluring and hard to avoid .

His gaze seemed to be magical and caused her heart thump hard when they landed on her . She was so nervous that she almost forgot how to breathe .

Mu Yazhe looked at her with a gentle smile hanging on his lips . It seemed that he would only smile with such tender sentiments in his eyes when it was about her .

The music suddenly began playing in the background .

Amid the pure and glorious music, the flower children started reciting a romantic poem as they held the flowers in their hands .

“Love is a star shrouded in the morning fog

Without you,

Heaven is hell

The lovely River War, subtly shaking,

This… shy sweet embrace…

Oh, your beautiful lips,

I am used to using kisses as a form of language,

My kiss is the flame in my heart!

The happiness of kissing me yesterday

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Has come to naught today

The sincere love that I am receiving

As we lean on each other under the parasol tree . ”

A flower child walked up front and handed the white roses to the man .

He received them and walked toward his fiancée slowly . Every step he took only caused her heartrate to increase .

She stood there, waiting for her fiancé to greet her and grasp her hand .

The man looked fixedly at her, his eyes shining brightly due to the backlight .

The woman crossed her hands in front of her, watching him nervously as he approached her . Her pure and otherworldly dress was long enough to touch the ground . Even when the wind teased her hair slightly, it could not taint her mesmerizing beauty .

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Aura was truly a strange thing .

Some people, despite being born wealthy, lacked elegance .

In contrast, this woman, despite not having a noble family and not being in possession of a high status in society, when she appeared at the castle entrance in her splendid dress, just could not hide her oozing, elegant and noble disposition .

The man walked toward her with his right hand behind his back and his left one holding the bouquet . Only when he was close enough to her did he stop walking, his eyes still fixed on her .

A melodious song began playing . At the scene, everyone held their breaths as they witnessed this moment in marvel and hope .

He lowered his head to look at her, making the woman feel even more nervous . Her mind drew a complete blank and she was at a loss, unsure of where she should be to make things more appropriate .

The many firsts she had dreamed about were now so real and fantastically fulfilled right in front of her .

When the man she loved stood in front of her with a bouquet of flowers, she realized abruptly that the wedding in her fantasies was not only a dream, after all!

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Yun Shishi gazed at him shyly with a furious blush, like a peach blossom . Even the topnotch rouge fell short of her fawning appearance .

She bit her lower lip and took the bouquet of white roses from his hand . A celebratory applause resounded around them .

“Are you ready, my princess?” gently asked her prince .