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Chapter 1778

In fact, she had to thank her luck for being his wife’s aunt, or else a commoner like her would never have the chance to stand before him and let him look at her .

 That said, the middle-aged woman did not comment on this further, and the mother-daughter trio merely grumpily retreated to their room .

 On the way back, however, they truly got lost in this huge castle just as Mu Yazhe predictably said, in which they were left with no choice but to seek the butler’s aid in guiding them back to their room amid their embarrassment .

 On the way to meet the important guests, Yun Shishi wondered where her husband was taking her and whom she was about to meet .

 It was only when she reached the parlor and saw Lu Jinyu sitting on the sofa while smoking away that she finally realized it!

 Upon seeing his chief entering the parlor with the woman in his arm, the man immediately got to his feet and beamed brightly at them in greeting . “Chief, sister-in-law!”

 She gave him a polite smile in return . Due to the help she received from him that day at the hospital, she became rather fond of this person .

 However, she was somewhat uncomfortable with the lingering nicotine smell in the parlor . Her brows knitted slightly as she lightly waved her hand in the air in hopes of dissipating it .

 She actually disliked the smell of cigarettes as it was rather suffocating .

 Seeing that the woman seemed to be disgusted with the smell, the guy astutely put out his cigarette in the ashtray .

 She was touched by his gesture .

 From his actions, she could tell that he knew how to be considerate toward ladies . This man must be a gentleman with refined manners!

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 There were three other men in the parlor . Following their buddy, they successively stood up and greeted Mu Yazhe . “Chief!”

 The way the younger-looking handsome man looked at her was one of astonishment and undisguised marvel .

 “Is this sister-in-law?!”

 She politely smiled at him . “Hello!”

 The man then said, “Everyone, this is my fiancée, your sister-in-law . From this day forth, you two can address her as ‘sister-in-law’ just like Jinyu does!”

 Hearing that, they first looked at her, exchanged smiles, then greeted in unison, “Hello, sister-in-law!”

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 Their behavior, however, amused her .

 “Who are they? You don’t even know how to introduce them to me properly . ” She scolded the man beside her in a hushed voice .

 Her husband could only introduce the three to her one by one . “You’ve met this chap, Lu Jinyu . He’s an outstanding subordinate and responsible for all of Shengyu’s affairs . ”

 That subordinate smiled at her . “Sis-in-law, we met a few days ago . You still remember me, don’t you?”

 She feigned ignorance, however . “Eh… I don’t really remember . ”

 His face paled in shock . “Surely not?! Sis-in-law… it’s just been two days, yet you’ve forgotten me already?!”

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 Disappointment and sadness were written all over his face .

 A chuckle burst out from her before she shyly replied, “I was just joking with you! It’s all thanks to your help days prior that I got out of that situation at the hospital! How could I possibly forget you?”

 Surprised with her prank, the man roared with laughter .

 Sis-in-law is really cute at times!

 “This is Jiang Shen . Don’t judge him by his appearance . Despite his baby face, he’s already twenty-seven!”

 The man turned to that particularly young-looking man as he continued making his introduction of his people to her .

 The guy with a baby face immediately protested . “Chief, you can’t say that! I’m clearly only eighteen!”

 Her lips twitched at that . If not for the man telling her, she could never tell that the young-looking guy was already twenty-seven .