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Published at 11th of August 2020 02:27:48 PM
Chapter 1779

From his appearance, she thought him to be underaged . Never did she expect that he was a year younger than Mu Yazhe .

 Her husband then continued introducing his other buddies to her .

 They were his capable subordinates who were responsible for all the affairs of Shengyu Financial Group .

 Take Jiang Shen for example; despite his young age, he was actually the financial head and held a tight rein on the company’s funds .

 The other chap was Pei Shaoyu, and he was in charge of public relations; he looked around the age of twenty-five or twenty-six and appeared to be a gentle person .

 The last one was an older man named Jing Cheng .

 The four were attending this engagement ceremony as his close buddies .

 After the introduction, the four men immediately gave Yun Shishi a friendly and respectful smile .

 She was slightly lost on what to do, having been called ‘sister-in-law’ by them . Her face reddened a bit from embarrassment . It was inevitable that she felt this way, though, for it was her first time meeting his friends .

 However, after some time spent together, these high-EQ people effortlessly dispelled the awkward atmosphere between their laughter and chattering and were all friendly toward her .

 She was their chief’s fiancée, so they naturally would find her pleasing to the eye no matter what .

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 The baby-faced chap even circled around her twice and sighed in amazement . “Chief indeed has an eye for women . Sis-in-law is really classy . Is this the gown you’ll be wearing for the engagement ceremony? Oh, my! It’s stunning when put on sis-in-law . She looks just like a fairy!”

 Lu Jinyu then jokingly said, “Hey, don’t fool around when our chief is still here! Despite his usual behavior, he’s actually a jealous lover . If you get too close with our sis-in-law, he’s bound to get jealous!”

 Shocked by this info, Jiang Shen immediately backed a little to keep some distance from the woman .

 “Chief, don’t be mistaken . I hold no other thoughts for my sister-in-law!”

 The other lamenting, “You weren’t there to see what happened last time . I was only helping our sister-in-law down the car, but the glare he shot me then almost killed me right on the spot! If looks could kill, I’d surely be dead without a burial ground!”

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 The rest of them burst out laughing at what they had heard, and the parlor soon became lively with the ongoing roars of laughter .

 “By the looks of it, the chief is sure to become a wife-slave—a henpecked husband—after they get married, while we, his buddies, will no longer have any place in his heart!”

 Lu Jingyu let out a regretful sigh as he shook his head in disappointment .

 However, when his boss shot him a glare, he swiftly stopped his antics and fell silent, not daring to speak further .

 At the side, the baby-faced guy coolly taunted, “Jinyu, watch your words! You’d better pay attention to what you say in front of him! He’s a very petty person . If you offend him, he may withhold your annual bonus!”

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 He pitifully whined at his boss right away . “No! Chief, you can’t do that to my annual bonus! I’m counting on it to find myself a wife in the future! You may have a wife already, but the rest are still bachelors here! Don’t make things difficult for us!”

 The crowd again roared with laughter at that .

 Yun Shishi realized that her man no longer wore his usual, aloof look when with his buddies; instead, a warm smile graced his face . Even when the others made him the butt of jokes, he was not too opposed to it .

 In the Mu Group, he had always been an authoritative person . That gave the others a feeling of aloofness; therefore, they found it hard to get close to him .

The ones who were closer to him were probably only these four .