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Chapter 1777: 1777
Chapter 1777: An Aggressive Declaration

“A stringent check?”

Mu Yazhe cocked a brow as he repeated those words . Soon enough, though, he understood what she meant by it; her intentions were clear .

On the other hand, Yun Shishi was furious at her aunt for saying such things .

What does she mean by making a stringent check on my fiancé as my aunt?!

What right does she have to do so?!

What in the world does my marriage partner’s identity and family background have to do with her?!

Must her aunt know everything about her partner before she could marry him?

It was him that she was in love with and wanted to spend a lifetime with—not his status, background, or anything else . However, if she said so, they were surely misunderstanding her and thinking that she only wanted to be with the man because of his family background!

Her little, rosy face was now flushed in anger .

Noting that she had gotten upset with her aunt, he declared as thus, “Shishi is my fiancée and future wife whom I’ll be spending my life with . There’s no doubt about my feelings for her . Of course, the so-called sincerity can’t be proven with mere words, so all I will say is that, rich or poor, I’ll never let her suffer even if I must give her all that I have . Besides, no power, wealth, or status lasts forever! Only one thing will remain unchanging, and that is my love for her . ”

Despite his deep, mellow voice with a charming magnetism to it, he left them unable to refute any part of his speech at all .

Xiang Yu was rendered speechless . His sincere declaration imperceptibly refuted her earlier remarks, making what she had said sound even more pretentious!

Who was this man, though? He had gone through countless battles and bloodbaths over the years and had encountered his fair share of mind games . As such, at one glance, he could easily see through others’ thoughts and schemes .

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With that bit of scheming of hers, how could he not see through her thoughts and not know what she was plotting?

With just a few statements from him, he had her completely shush!

His authoritative presence completely overwhelmed her to the point that she felt a little lightheaded .

One could not help but submit to this man’s extraordinary demeanor and overbearing words .

With an awkward smile hanging on her face, the aunt reluctantly nodded her head in agreement . “True! Neither power nor wealth is real—only love is! What matters most is that you are true to my niece and that both of you have a happy relationship!”

“I’m glad that you understand . ”

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He paused and then solemnly announced, “Now, I’m going to bring my fiancée to meet a few important guests of mine . I wanna ask you all to return to your room . If you have anything that you need, just let the butler know, and please refrain from wandering about outside, lest you get lost . ”

With that, he left the room with his woman in his arms without even looking back .

Shocked by his aggressive declaration, Xiang Yu stood rooted to the ground for a long while before she finally returned to her senses .

Behind her, her older daughter, who was sensitive enough to pick up the sarcasm in his words, paled and tugged on her sleeve in fright . “Mom, you’ve been… too direct with your words! He’ll think that we’ve never seen the world before!”

“Hmph! That chap obviously thinks nothing of me . ” After she regained her senses, it was clear that she was enraged with him .

It did not occur to her, though, that she had neither the status nor identity to say such things to him . Hence, why should he care about her and give her face?

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