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Published at 8th of August 2020 10:40:11 PM
Chapter 1769

Evening was approaching .

 As she stood in front of the full-length glass window, the beautiful dusk-light shone through obliquely and refracted off her, bathing her in a coat of shimmering gold . She looked captivatingly beautiful under the pristine radiance .

 The gown was a work of modern fashion fusion between the east and the west . The hemline was long and dragged along the ground . The sleeves and collar were embellished with the most beautiful element in Han costume—the classic, and elegant su-embroidery—which added just the right touch . All in all, the design added a rich oriental flavor to the outfit!

 The tailor-made gown by the renowned atelier fitted her just right . Every careful and delicate detail could be observed, with the fabric clinging to her figure like second skin . Using a gradient tone, the color turned from light to dark from her collar down to the hemline . She and the gown seemed to merge into one, and from afar, she looked like a magnificent and elegant spirit ethereally arising from among the roses .

 The off-shoulder collar design had delicate su-embroidery stitched along the edges . Every stitch was perfect . Upon closer inspection, one could observe the minute details of each embroidery stitch . The outfit itself could be elevated to the status of a gallery art-piece!

 True to its origin, this gown was worthy as a piece of work fully handcrafted by top-notch designers .

 Her fabulous figure was elegantly showcased by this exquisite attire . The embroidery on her chest reminded others of blooming peonies, which nicely went with her nice collarbones and fair, smooth shoulders . More than that, it brought out the suppleness of her breasts without looking crude . She looked mesmerizing, sophisticated, and refined—much like a proud peony .

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 Her thick and long hair was carefully coiffured around her shoulders and back without the need for any embellishment to show off her unbridled beauty .

 Her previous styling, be it the pure and innocent look in ‘The Green Apple’ or the classic beauty in ‘Lethal Beauty’, could not compare to her current, ravishing look .

 Her beauty could be so breathtaking .

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 His gaze fell on her face .

 The stylist had carefully sculpted her little face with exquisite makeup .

 She was born with a face that could launch a thousand ships . Even without makeup, her look was enough to captivate anyone’s eyes .

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 Now, with colors added by careful makeup, her beauty was even more brilliantly exalted .

 Her gown was Han-inspired while the makeup was applied with the crystalline peach series to complement the outfit .

 The stylist did not blindly follow the fashion trend . Instead, he gave her a look that combined Chinese and Korean elements . Her crescent-shaped eyebrows were smooth and dusted in light brown tone . Her thick and curly eyelashes did not lose to Mu Yazhe’s, though she often claimed to envy his lashes . Her naturally long and bushy curly lashes did not need any fake embellishment . The eyes looked outstanding enough with just a touch of mascara .

 Her pupils were of rare black, like agate stones, that were clear and free of impurities . When she smiled, her almond-shaped eyes lighted up at the corner, and they were too alluring to look at, indeed!