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Published at 8th of August 2020 10:40:09 PM
Chapter 1770

The word ‘captivating’ would be so appropriate on her now . As if being cast under a magic spell, one look at her would bewitch the beholder—the heart captured by her alluring and dazzling charm .

 She was born with good skin, where her fair and translucent flesh looked so delicate that it might tear under slight exertion . Her ruddy and tender lips were dabbed with a shade of red, which was not too bright but outstanding enough to draw the attention to her raven hair, dark orbs, and red lips . Looking moist and simmering, the corner of her lips curled like blossoming petals, which seemed to invite whoever was looking to taste her goodness!

 The man’s throat tightened slightly as he held his breath after a deep inhalation . His eyes lingered on her, unwilling to leave after .

 Like taking a taste of a hundred-year-old liquor, he seemed to be intoxicated, where his chest and body started to burn hot with headiness .

 He knew very well that his bodily reaction was not due to alcohol .

 Suddenly, he stood up and walked toward her .

 She saw him approaching with his eyes fixed on her and started fidgeting nervously .

 She was even more nervous now than when she first appeared in front of the camera .

 She took a look in the mirror after finishing with her makeup earlier and was astounded by her reflection .

 She did not expect herself to look so stunning and beautiful and was still trying to reconcile with this new discovery .

 The woman, in fact, did not think that she could look this fabulous . In the past, she hardly adorned herself, and the most she would do was apply some light makeup on her face .

 Today’s makeup was meticulously applied on her face . In just one hour, it was transformed from a fresh, tender look into a beguiling countenance .

 Women were not born as pieces of art; subsequent efforts and nurturing played important parts, too .

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 As she watched the man approach her, she could feel her throat stinging slightly, and she asked anxiously, “What do you think? How do I look?”

 The man stopped in front of her, dipped his head, and studied her appearance .

 Her hair spread loosely about her shoulders, making her small, palm-sized face even more apparent .

 A few strands of loose hair dangled playfully next to her earlobe . He reached out suddenly to soothe and tuck the wayward hair behind her ear .

 She blushed at his unconscious contact, looking down at the floor as her elf-like ears turned red and hot .

 She was obviously feeling shy!

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 This little fool was always this easily embarrassed, where the awkwardness could be easily observed from her delicate, translucent skin .

 Seemingly vexed with her bowing her head, he reached out his fingers to tilt her chin up and gently commanded, “Lift your head and let me have a good look . ”

 She looked up shyly . Her black, feathery-like eyelashes fluttered nervously as the corner of her eyes dipped .

 Oh, gosh…

 How can I be this nervous?

 I’m so useless!

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 She was upset with herself for being so jittery . As her hands clenched tightly without control, she could hear his magnetic voice sounding from above her head . “You look good!”

 Her mind was rendered blank by his sudden comment . As if the oxygen in her brain had gotten depleted for those few seconds, her face got hotter .

 “Eh? Really?”

 She looked at him and, this time, caught the unabashed enthrallment in his eyes .

 He was not only enchanted .

 At this moment, he had an impulse to have her to himself, pronto!