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Published at 7th of August 2020 10:40:09 PM
Chapter 1768: 1768
Chapter 1768: Trying on the Gown

Yun Shishi walked over to the window wall amid her overwhelming astonishment . From there, she could see the vast blue sea, white sands, and seagulls flying low in the air .

The lush green lawn was a cherry on top .

From where she stood, the woman could just see nicely the castle’s backyard where beautiful, fresh flowers were in bloom!

It was not her first time here, but the view compared to what she had seen last time was vastly different now!

It seemed that a certain man had put a lot of effort into decorating the castle to look like the one in her fantasies .

It was magnificent .

It was truly magnificent!

If possible, she truly wanted to spend her life here . How blissful would that be?

That boundless blue ocean and white sands were her fairytale dream!

She put her hands onto her rapidly thumping heart . Everything here was a great surprise to her!

All of a sudden, a pair of arms enveloped her from behind .

She was then tugged into an embrace by those sculpted arms .

A magnetic voice, which was particular to the man, rang next to her ear . “Do you like it?”

Her head lifted at once, and she met those mesmerizing deep-set eyes of his with a smile, which seemed a little like she was crying and laughing .

“Yes, I love it!”

She then turned her gaze back to the window, still unable to pull herself out of her reverie .

“Did you… prepare all these for me?”

She felt a little incredulous and thought that she was hallucinating!

Mu Yazhe lovingly grazed her nose with a finger in answer . “If not, who else could all these be for?”

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She was again touched by his meticulousness .

How can this man… be so considerate?

Is he a parasite in my stomach?

If not, how is it that he seems to always know my exact thoughts?!

How on earth did he do it?

“Glad that you love it . ”

A satisfied smile unconsciously graced his face at the sight of her upturned lips .

Just moments ago, the man even felt a tad nervous .

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To think that he, who had always held the power and control of the outcome of countless bloodbaths, would actually feel nervous at such a time!

He was secretly annoyed with himself when he acted cautiously around her for fear of her disliking what he had prepared for her .

Only now that he had seen the undisguised yearning in her eyes did his heart finally settle down .

She wanted to say something to him when a rap suddenly came from the door .

He called out, “Come in!”

Thus, someone opened the door from the outside . Several elegantly dressed stylists entered the room with a gown .

“Mr . Mu, the gown is now here . Does Miss Yun want to try it on?” enquired one of the people .

He gave a quizzical look . “Try it on?”

“Yes! Miss Yun, please try on the gown . If there’s anything about it that you’re unsatisfied with, we’ll immediately send someone to work on it overnight!”

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She nodded in agreement . “Alright . ”

Several stylists then escorted her into a changing room before they pulled the curtain close and helped her with the fitting .

The man sat on the sofa outside while he waited for her .

The fitting took a long time .

A beautiful gown naturally had to be matched with an equally beautiful makeup in order to stand out .

The man, nonetheless, patiently waited for her in silence . Though he was made to wait a long time, he was comfortable with it and even felt a tinge of anticipation!

Nearly two hours later, the woman finally pulled open the curtain and stepped out of

the changing room . He was instantly captivated by her when he looked over .