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Chapter 1765: 1765

Yun Yecheng, however, merely gave her a lukewarm smile as he looked at her expressionlessly . “I’m unconcerned about all these! What’s important for me is that my daughter finds a man who loves her and lives a good life with her kids! As for the matter about riches and poverty, it’s insignificant!”

 “Hey, just look at you! You finally have the chance to enjoy a life full of luxury, but why don’t you know… how to make use of it?!”

 Xiang Yu felt slightly exasperated over his incompetence!

 Her nosy, older daughter joined in their conversation in an attempt to dig for more information . “Uncle, cousin is truly fortunate to find such a handsome and rich man!”

 “You can’t judge things or people just by societal norms . What’s most important for a couple is their relationship—the rest are mere trivialities . ”

 He was truly unconcerned about all those matters . It had never crossed his mind even once to live off his entire life on his daughter who was about to get together with a rich husband . t

 In fact, he would even be willing to toil hard for the rest of his life if it meant that she could lead a good life .

 This was no mere talk, either!

 After he returned to the capital, the elderly man immediately found himself a job and led his life working while caring for his brother .

 He wanted to earn some money to support himself while he still had the energy to do so to lessen her financial burden .

 This mother and her daughter thought otherwise, however .

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 From their perspective, those were just pompous words!

 Yun Qingmiao smilingly said, “Uncle, what are you saying… Do you think she’ll still like her fiancé if he’s poor? Didn’t she get together with him because she wanted a better life? Since she’s marrying such a wealthy man, she can leisurely and comfortably spend her life as a rich lady without needing to work and earn money . With her husband earning the dough, she only needs to put effort in giving birth to his children . What a comfortable life she’ll be leading!”

 Beside her, her mother lamented, “Exactly! We’re really envious that she’s so fortunate! If possible, I’ll get my two daughters to learn from yours and have them find me two rich sons-in-law . How good will that be?”

 At this point, the man no longer wanted to pay attention to them!

 “Some fates can’t be forced!” He paused for a bit before giving them a warning . “You three, there are a lot of bigshots attending this engagement ceremony . Please keep in mind not to shoot your mouth off and practice caution when speaking . It’s best if you act prudently in your words and actions!”

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 The older woman’s face changed at those words; her eyes then became filled with displeasure .

 “Hey… Brother Cheng, can you hear what you’re saying? My niece is only holding an engagement, but you’re already establishing the rules! What? Are you afraid of us disgracing your daughter?! Isn’t it a tad inappropriate to say such things to us?”

 He, however, thought to himself, If not for you three behaving so frivolously, would I need to point that out?!

 Alas, she only reckoned that this brother-in-law of hers was acting arrogant before them!

 Now that his daughter has gotten together with someone from a wealthy family, he’s even starting to detest our social status!

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 Need he say such haughty words at all?!

 What pretentious and pompous words!

 Isn’t he just scared that we’ll embarrass them?!

 Is there a need to say such words?

 Feeling aggrieved, her daughter commented, “Uncle, your words are quite hurtful!”